3 Reasons to Try a Himalayan Salt Lamp!

Himalayan salt lamps are known as ‘natural ionizers’, as they alter the electrical charge of the circulating air. An authentic Himalayan salt lamp should derive from the Khewra salt mines in Pakistan. Said to be millions of years old, this salt possess a warming pink colour due to the minerals contained within it. There appear to be some potential health benefits from using the lamps, but much research still needs to be done to fully understand their effects. This article looks at some of the theory and science behind how they could actually have a positive impact on your body if you keep one at home or at the office. Read on for these 3 Reasons to Try a Himalayan Salt Lamp!

If you’re wondering how they work, it’s a pretty simple process. Salt is hygroscopic, which means that it attracts water molecules from the surrounding environment. Water molecules float around everywhere and some nasties like dust and mold can land in your space which can in turn have an adverse affect on your well being. It is said that Himalayan salt lamps attract several of these water molecules to it, helping cleanse your room of toxins.

In addition, it’s said that they release negative ions (oxygen atoms with an extra electron) which is what we associate with rejuvenation. These negative ions occur naturally in areas where the water, air and sunlight is at its purest and cleanest, like in the mountains. 

1. Improves Sleep
If you keep a salt lamp in your bedroom, it may well increase your hours of quality sleep by preventing irregular sleep patterns. Sleeping in an environment primarily consisting of positively charged ions (in the oxygen) can affect blood supply to your brain. Negative ions on the other hand will have the opposite effect and increase brain wave amplitude. You’ll possibly have increased awareness while you sleep, slipping into the R.E.M (Rapid Eye Movement) state quicker where your sleep is at its deepest.

2. Energising
Influenced by the negative ions in the air, you’ll often be at your most energetic when you’re outside. People who go climbing in high mountain regions for example, draw energy from the surrounding area. If you spend all of your workday in an office and then go straight home and relax there, you’ll probably always find yourself tired. Whereas people who work for a decent chunk of time in the sun are some of the most energetic people you’ll find. (You’ve probably noticed this before and chalked it down to something else.)

When you inhale water molecules that are covered in pollen, mold and other toxins, your body has to exert energy to neutralize and dispel these toxins which could make you feel drained. It might be an idea to try one of these salt lamps in your office and see if it helps.

3. Prevent Illnesses
If you find yourself coughing and sneezing fairly regularly, even when you’re not actually sick, or if you have hay fever, general seasonal allergies or skin issues, it could be the air in your home or office environment. Himalayan salt lamps have traditionally been known to help in the treatment of headaches, blood system disorders and arthritis. If you want your air detoxified, a Himalayan salt lamp could potentially be a natural, reliable way to help support this.

It’s worth noting that with the huge increase in demand for wellness products you need to be aware of ‘fake’ Himalayan salt lamps. Check out this guide on The Complete Home Spa about how to avoid those ones! What new and innovative wellness products have you tried out? What things have you done to improve your home environment to minimise clutter and make it a more pleasant place to live in – perhaps you work from home? Let us know in the comments below, join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram. Keep well and Keep Your Fit ON!

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