Turmeric & Cumin: 3 Powerful Health Benefits of Each Wonder Spice!

Asia and the Mediterranean have been reaping the health benefits of incorporating spices into their diets for generations. Turmeric’s capability of rivalling anti-inflammatory drugs to cumin’s ability to help people maintain their iron levels, it’s no wonder they are so popular around the world. Let’s delve into the magic of these spices and see what they really have to offer in Turmeric & Cumin: 3 Powerful Health Benefits of Each Wonder Spice!


Turmeric (part of the ginger family) is a very versatile spice. It can add a splash of colour to your curry, be used to dye your clothes and is the reason your mustard is bright yellow. It has been a staple in India’s diet for as long as can be remembered, and not only does it add taste to dishes, it’s evident that it has exceptional health benefits. There has been extensive scientific research conducted into the potential medicinal perks of this spice. Curcumin is the most raved about compound within turmeric and has been extracted to be researched as an individual component to reveal its goodness as well as investigated in its original form (within turmeric).

1. Lower Rates of Cancer

There are lower reported cases of specific cancers (skin and breast) in countries where curcumin is incorporated into everyday diets over an extended period. Some studies have shown that in the early stages of cancer, that it can slow down the production of cancerous cells. However it must be stated that there is no evidence (yet) that curcumin could be used as a form of alternative treatment for cancer.

2. Anti-inflammatory

Excellent anti-inflammatory benefits, even comparable to anti-inflammatory drugs in some studies! Reducing chronic inflammation can result in decreased risk of heart disease and reduce symptoms of arthritis.

3. Helps Reduce Effects of Type 2 Diabetes

Curcumin helps stabilise blood sugar levels as it has anti-hyperglycaemic properties, helping to reduce the damaging effects of Type 2 diabetes.


Cumin is a spice that originates from the Mediterranean and Southeast Asia. It is a popular spice globally (part of the parsley family), that is often incorporated into dishes, from chili to curries. Like turmeric it has a rich history of being used in traditional medicine because of its brilliant health benefits.

1. Digestion

It stimulates digestion, speeding up the process by encouraging the productivity of digestive enzymes. It also increases the volume of bile discharged from the liver, aiding your gut to digest fats.

2. Iron

A brilliant source of iron, imperative for the maintenance of healthy, red blood cells. According to Healthline 20% of the global population are iron deficient and states that ingesting one teaspoon of cumin is approximately 17.5% of your recommended daily intake.

3. Stress

There is some evidence that excessive consumption of cumin has great stress-reducing benefits, however a substantial amount is needed so it’s unrealistic to ingest very high amounts into a normal diet. Further investigations into best supplement methods are being researched.

Overall, both turmeric and cumin both possess incredible health benefits and should be incorporated into our daily diets. They should certainly be included in your next shopping trolley or online cart! Big fan of turmeric and cumin? What brands do you enjoy the most and even more importantly, what health benefits have you noticed with taking each individually or in combo? Let us know in the comments below or on FacebookTwitter Instagram…and after you’ve sprinkled on all that spice-power, time to Keep YOUR Fit ON!


Sarah Lashley

Sarah is a recent Combined STEM graduate from The Open University. She majored in Biology and Psychology and is very passionate about the Biopsychosocial approach to health, believing a holistic view is most important. She will soon be embarking on a Master’s Degree in Health sciences. In her spare time, she loves to travel and experience different cultures, from working at Disney World to adventuring on a solo round the world trip. She enjoys keeping fit and setting herself fitness challenges to raise money for charity.

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