Top 6 Effective Solutions to Relieve Your Post-Workout Sore Muscles

People workout for different reasons. Some do so to achieve fantastic physical shape, while for others it’s about helping them manage an underlying medical condition. Regardless of your overall aim for working out, you will still most likely experience sore muscles (DOMS) after rigorous training of any description. Want to put all that to sleep? Then follow on for these Top 6 Effective Solutions to Relieve Your Post-Workout Sore Muscles!

1. Apply a Topical Solution

One of the primary ways to relieve your post-work-out sore muscles instantly is to apply a topical solution. In this case, you can consider using a CBD Muscle Cream that will offer you immediate relief as soon as you apply it externally.

CBD is known to have anti-inflammatory properties that are quite effective in pain relief. However, you will get to experience faster results if you apply it directly to your sore muscles rather than swallowing a pill that still needs to be digested before it enters your bloodstream. Other topical creams may also work, but the effects may not be as immediate as CBD.

2. Medication

When you can no longer manage the pain caused by sore muscles, there is always the option for you to take over-the-counter medication to help alleviate your pain. When you go for oral solutions, you will most likely benefit from the reduction of swelling and pain of your muscles. In this case, what you can try to take is ibuprofen, aspirin, or even naproxen.

However, if you have any other underlying medical conditions and you are taking maintenance medications for it, then it is better to ask advice from your doctor or medical professional before you consider over-the-counter drugs for safety’s sake.

3. Rest

Another way to relieve your post-workout sore muscles is simply to rest and recover. Keep in mind that your muscles will typically need at least 48 hours, or two complete days to heal from the soreness brought about by your previous vigorous workout.

In this case, take time to give your body a chance to repair itself. In this way, you will be able to replenish the energy that you’ll need to get in another strong workout in the next couple of days, to stay on track for achieving your goals!

4. Get a Massage

There is also the option of getting a soothing massage after a rigorous workout to help relieve the soreness that you are feeling. A great massage can relieve muscle tension and, parallel to this, boost your blood circulation.

In this way, you will be able to increase the range of motion in your joints and very possibly, also lift your mood. However, make sure that you try a gentle massage that uses light pressure, such as a Swedish massage. This has proven to be better than a deep-tissue massage that can make your muscles even more tender. Otherwise, you can also consider having acupuncture treatment.

5. Warm Compress

You can also apply a warm compress on your sore muscles to help relieve pain. Just make sure that you apply heat carefully to avoid further inflaming your muscles.

In this case, use a warm towel or heating pad, but neither should be hot-hot. This will prove to be effective if, after 48 hours, you’re still feeling soreness. With a hot compress, your blood flow will be stimulated, which will make you feel a lot better.

You can also try a warm bath that will not only help you deal with the pain but will also help you relax and keep calm. Add your favourite incense oils or scent to your bath for ultimate relaxation.

6. Keep Moving

Finally, you can also keep moving to help alleviate the pain felt in your sore muscles. Whilst it can be quite tempting to want to just stay in bed while your muscles recover, moving your body gently (slow walking, stretching or ideally, both) can hasten your recovery significantly. Just keep in mind to engage in activities that are light and gentle. For instance, swimming, biking, using an indoor rower if you have one, or walking around your neighbourhood for 40-60 minutes will totally do the trick!

When it comes to alleviating pain from sore muscles, consider applying a topical solution such as a CBD cream to experience immediate relief. Also rest as you recover and/or get a massage. Definitely give a hot compress treatment a try and/or keep moving gently for a limited time. All these are geared towards ensuring that you can manage the pain of sore muscles effectively as you make your way towards recovery.

What methods help you quickest to overcome DOMS or sore muscles? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram!

Jennifer Dawson

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