6 Fantastic Ways to Level Up Your Workouts!

If you work out regularly, there will be times where you hit a plateau. Try as you might, you don’t seem to be getting better, faster, or fitter at the pace you want to. This can be frustrating, especially if you have a big competition or event coming up that you are trying to train for. Fret not, ...

How to Recover from Surgery Quickly

No matter what type of surgery you're planning to have, or need to undergo, many of us have work commitments and families to look after, meaning you will want to be back on your feet as quickly as possible. Once you have been discharged, it’s important that you get plenty of rest, but if you're ...

5 Ways to Keep Active while Injured

It’s your worst nightmare: just when you’re seeing results, getting stronger or running faster – and Bam! You get injured. You’re out of action and need to rest and recuperate. Injury can feel like the end of the world and makes it seem like all your hard work wasn’t worth anything and that your ...

Top 5 Benefits of Rest Days!

Overtraining is a common problem amongst athletes and recreational sports people. Exercising can be addictive, with many people putting more stress on their body than it can handle, in the hope of achieving their athletic goals; many people will recognise the signs of overtraining. The importance ...

5 Top Physique Hacks for Uni Students!

University life opens new and exciting opportunities for young adults. However amidst all of the inevitable late nights, midnight binges and takeaways, students may quickly find themselves gaining unwanted weight. This is a nightmare for those who have aspirations to build an outstanding physique ...

Top 5 Ways To Treat Achilles Heel!

Achilles tendon injury (also known as Achilles Heel) is most common in both amateur and professional sports and can be quite debilitating. Here are Top 5 Ways To Treat Achilles Heel! which incorporates five simple ways to treat mild, soft tissue injuries. 1. Rest This might sound obvious, but ...

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