Top 5 Health Benefits of Aloe Vera!

Aloe Vera is one of the most popular plants being widely used for its remarkable medicinal properties and variety of health benefits. Being a plant species of the genus Aloe and from the lily family, the green cactus-like plant holds a sticky translucent gel that is used often in skin and beauty products due to its soothing and vitamin-rich properties. Another component of the aloe plant, the yellow latex on the inside of its skin, is also used internally as it’s shown to be an effective laxative and very soothing for the digestive system. Read on to discover the Top 5 Health Benefits of Aloe Vera!

1. Helps weight loss
In addition to the variety of vitamins and minerals, including vitamins A, C, E and most B vitamins, aloe vera also contains many amino acids and enzymes which can improve your overall health as well as contributing to weight loss. You can find the juice by itself in many health food stores, this is the form most usually recommended for consumption -be aware, it does have an extremely bitter taste.

2. Treats skin conditions
You may have noticed aloe vera in many after-sun creams; this is due to its soothing and healing properties that aid sunburn -bet you didn’t know aloe vera also helps protect the skin from radiation burns! Its gel also helps many other skin problems such as sores, itching, burns and dry skin generally.

3. Maintains strong, healthy  hair
Aloe vera has many nourishing properties to help keep your hair healthy and strong and treats a range of hair and scalp issues such as dry skin and itching. It’s also rich in selenium, which is an antioxidant mineral that boosts hair growth and helps combat dandruff.

4. Helps digestion and constipation
Aloe vera’s enzymes aid in the breakdown and thus the digestion of food, making it the perfect juice to consume after a big meal. The latex on the inside of its skin helps a range of digestive complaints. It also contains anthraquinones, which are compounds that help relieve constipation and act as a natural laxative.

5. Boosts immune system
Due to the wide range of vitamins and minerals in aloe vera, including vitamin C and zinc, these combine to give your immune system a worthwhile boost. In addition to this, aloe also provides you with many antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties to help ward off diseases such as arthritis while keeping your immunity in check!

You may get a sense about why aloe vera is seen by many as a rather miraculous plant. If you visit any health store you will find it sold in many different forms including tablets, juices, gels and in used many beauty products. Try aloe juice to help your digestion and keep a bottle of gel in the fridge for some seriously healthy hydration and have it handy in case of summer sunburn. Did you know you can also grow the plant indoors? Let us know how you use aloe vera @ KeepfitKingdom !

Abigail Roberts

Abi has always had a passion for health, fitness and nutrition which Is developing into a career as a newly qualified Nutrition Coach. She's passionate about helping others progress to reach their health and fitness goals. Abi is keen on anything that gets her heart working hard, mainly running and weightlifting. She also loves to try out new sweet recipes, as she has a bit of a sweet tooth!

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