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Virtual Internship

Are you a bit of a health-nut; a die-hard foodie or fitness fanatic, or maybe both? Keep Fit Kingdom's mission is to help a billion people reach the age of 100 years happily and healthily by the year 2100. In other words - Mission: B2100. Join us and let's achieve this together! The coronavirus ...

Diabetes: 4 Keys to Help You Reverse it!

Diabetes occurs when the insulin-resisting properties in the body are obstructed. In cases of Type-2 a person's body fails to produce enough insulin, or their cells don’t react much to it, causing blood sugar levels to elevate too high for the body to keep a healthy balance. As a result, those who ...

5 Tips To Ease Bloating This Xmas!

Many desire a flat stomach but it’s really easy to feel complacent with the appearance of a puffy abdomen too often hid underneath oversized jumpers this time of year. But a flat stomach isn’t only good for wearing high-waisted jeans or tighter shirts; it’s also an indicator of a healthy, ...

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