My Mudnificent 7 (2019) Experience!

So, I spent a Saturday crawling, climbing (and crying) through mud as promised. But how did it go? First let me break down the experience to tell you what Mudnificent 7 actually is – Mudnificent 7 is a 7K mud run course, composed of 7 different 1K zones. It includes Spartan, Muddy Furlong, Splat ...

Mudnificent 7 (2019)

So, on the 17th of August, I’ll be running, crawling, climbing (and crying) through heaps of mud. Now, why on earth would I do that? I’m going up against hundreds of people through 7k of obstacles and dirt just for the experience really. Whilst it's all a bit of fun, I can’t just slack on training ...

Top 5 Benefits of Playing Rugby!

Rugby offers a vast range of benefits and not just physical ones, it also has the ability to enhance social interaction, improve your state of mind and even mould you into a more improved version of yourself! Who would have thought that such a vigorous contact sport could offer so many benefits, to ...

5 Top Reasons To Quit Refined Sugar!

Sugar. It’s in everything. Most people are addicted without realising it and its addictive effect on the brain has been scientifically proven to be more powerful than cocaine and let’s face it…being addicted to anything isn’t good, especially when you’re not aware that you are. To avoid sugar ...

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