Mental Health: 3 Ways Nature Can Benefit You

We lead busy lives as people, we work everyday, provide for our families, and spend the majority of our time indoors. Sometimes we might even forget, with all that we have going on, that spending time outside is significant to our health. With the growth of social media and technology these days, our excuses to stay indoors have risen disproportionately. We might ask ourselves, why would we go outside, when we have video games, Netflix and social media to entertain us? However, being in nature can increase our happiness and mental health exponentially in ways you can’t even yet imagine. Curious? Then read on for Mental Health: 3 Ways Nature Can Benefit You!

1. Reduces Stress, Anxiety & Depression

Nature is said to be the best medicine for the soul. Being outdoors, particularly in areas of lush greenery, such as forests or parks, are scientifically proven to reduce stress, fight depression and anxiety, and to increase your overall happiness. If you think these aren’t enough reasons, check out Nooshin Razani’s Ted Talk below: Prescribing Nature for Health.

Make sure to schedule nature trips a few times in a month and take the kids to the beach in the summer. It can be a lot of fun shopping for cute beach outfits and swimwear and thinking of fun activities to do with family.

In her talk you’ll learn more about all the health benefits nature has to offer including for children and the importance of parents allowing their children to run free. Letting children play in the great outdoors improves their creativity, connectedness, and individuality.

2. Outside in: Indoor Plants Amplify Your Focus

While it is encouraged to spend time outside to gain the benefits nature embodies, you can still enjoy a bit of nature in your own home. Filling your space with indoor plants is said to make you feel more relaxed and calm, just by looking at them.

In addition, according to a scientific study, when working from home, plants will give you the boost you need to improve productivity and concentration up to 15%. Plants aren’t just good for your mental health though. They improve your physical wellbeing as well, by improving the air quality in your home—according to a study by NASA, plants remove up to 87% of air toxins in just 24 hours.

3. Flowers Brighten Your Mood

Flowers are a small thing that can make the biggest difference in your life. Flowers are scientifically proven to boost your mood, reduce stress, improve your memory and make you more compassionate towards others.

The presence of flowers are also proven to make you seem more desirable to someone than without them — there’s a reason why flowers are a popular gift on a date. In addition, flowers are also proven to help aid heal certain ailments. Lavender promotes relaxation, chamomile helps soothe anxiety and headaches, and honeysuckle is used to treat colds and sore throats, to name just a few.

Nature is beneficial to us in every aspect of our lives. Spending time outside is needed to detox our minds and bodies from the constant din or noise of our busy lives. Allow your mind to relax when looking at the lush greenery of your plants or the vibrant color of your flowers. Take the time to indulge in self care and enjoy the simpler things in life! What do you love most about nature as a mental health and well-being remedy? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter Instagram!

Ella Krygiel

Ella Krygiel from Virginia, USA, is passionate about self care, mental health, and psychology. She is an avid tennis player, and also enjoys yoga, biking, and hiking in the great outdoors. She loves to cook healthy meals and experiment with new recipes. Ella says she is thrilled to be working alongside the Keep Fit Kingdom team!

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