3 Ways to Make Your Workout Routine Sustainable

Struggling to stick with your workout routine? The problem may have nothing to do with your drive. Setting realistic, healthy goals will keep you on track.

It’s easy to start a workout routine — sticking with it is what’s difficult. But don’t despair; there are easy ways to create a workout routine that you’ll easily keep up for months or even years. Continue on for 3 Ways to Make Your Workout Routine Sustainable!

1. Be Realistic with Your Schedule

When setting your workout goals, don’t schedule what you think you should do. Instead, schedule what you think you can manage every day. About 15 minutes of cardio every day for 3 months is better for your health than a two-hour workout once a week

Factor in your commitments and your energy levels as well as your available time. Sure, you may have hours of available time to work out in the evenings, but after a full workday and taking care of the kids, you may not feel so inclined to. Or you may have the desire but not the energy.

Being realistic with the duration and time of day you schedule workouts will make it much more sustainable.

2. Fuel Your Body Correctly

It’s crucial to your health that you give your body the nutrients it needs, especially as you’ll burn a lot of calories. Working out while your body is in a state of nutrient deficiency is incredibly dangerous and can lead to headaches or even fainting spells.

Look into the recommended calorie and nutrition intake for your age, body type, and preferred kind of workout. This information will help you make sure you’re consuming the correct amount of protein and nutrients each day to keep up with your level of activity. This is another important factor in making your workout routine sustainable.

Remember: even if your goal is to lose weight, you still need to intake the correct amount of nutritional food for your age and body type. Depriving your body of nutrients will only make it harder to burn fat and can even result in health problems in the long run.

Drinking water is also critical. The higher your level of activity, the more water you need to drink. There are plenty of ways to get yourself to drink more, from water-tracking apps to buying a water bottle that will keep your water ice cold.

3. Give Yourself Rest Days

The human body needs time to rest. After a strenuous workout, your body needs recovery time to rebuild the torn muscles stronger than before. Even if you aren’t lifting maximum weight, it’s a good idea to allow yourself days to rest and recover, both for your physical and mental health. This will also make your workout routine easier to maintain — saying you’ll work out every day for the rest of your life is incredibly unrealistic.

Just because you’re resting does not mean you have to be sedentary, however. If you feel jittery without your daily workout, try these active ways to recover during rest days.

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