Health & Fitness Struggles: My Personal Journey So Far…

Fitness is vitally important to health and wellness as well as to the ability to engage in normal activities of daily living (ADLs) without excessive fatigue. If it has these many benefits, then it should be much easier than it is, right?

There are many tutorials for beginners on YouTube, and many good coaches at gyms, many tricks and guides and way too much information… It’s not easy to sail through all that, it’s easier to give up. I have done it many times, but this time it’s different. It gets better over time. I am still figuring things out, but I can assure you that your journey can change incredibly in just 3 months. Find out more in Health & Fitness Struggles: My Personal Journey So Far…!

I Always Fantasized About Being Thin & Slim…

I have always fantasized with the idea of being thin and slim, but when I finally got into fitness, I realized that these were not the goals I should be aiming for. The most generic advice that a beginner gets are fitness challenges for a thin waist and ‘what I eat in a day’ examples with unrealistic meals.

But I promise that if you dig deeper into what fitness is, you will experience a shift in perspective that will change everything. It all begins with finding the right exercises for your body type and mood and some friendly fitness gurus on YouTube. Start at home before taking it to the gym.  

I Got Confident Working Out At Home Before I Hit The Gym

When I gained confidence working out at home, I decided to buy myself some good workout gear and hit the gym.

Firstly, I went to a few dancing classes and light workouts such as body balance, until I got a workout plan. Once I had my plan, I started learning how to do them properly and get the most benefits out of every single machine I had to use.

Doing Les Mills Workouts at My Gym in Madrid

My trainer also advised me to do a few classes that would help me get stronger: BODYSTEP, BODYCOMBAT and BODYPUMP. These activities are all part of the numerous classes that fitness company Les Mills offer. 

Les Mills is an international brand that offers 21 fitness programs in more than 100 countries. And I am so lucky that my gym in Madrid is affiliated.

Each trainer in my gym is required to learn the routine as taught by Les Mills. These routines incorporate contemporary music, movement and technology; and change every month. When I learned about this and tried those classes, my ability of commitment increased tremendously. 

My Goals: Strength, Energy and Feeling at Ease with Myself

Now the goals I pursue at the gym are strength, energy and feeling at ease with myself. This makes everything much simpler.

Again, talking with your trainer helps a lot as it is important to set a viable objective and do the exercises that target those objectives. I still experience some days when I do not feel like going to the gym.

Those are the days I must push myself to get off the sofa and at least do some body balance or yoga and home. These lighter workouts are key for strength and help with stress by training flexibility. There are also some days when I do not feel like doing anything at all and just stay in bed. On those days I try to at least go for a walk or have a stretch out session.

Consistency is Key, NOT Obsessing About Impossible Expectations!

It is important to keep in mind that results are not going to be visible right away. As an impatient person, this is something I am struggling with. I must learn to take it easy, push myself to be consistent, but not too far that I get obsessed with impossible expectations.

Feeling good is crucial, and I feel too good on my rest days which are fundamental. But I make sure to feel good after every workout, ending them in a state of peace of mind. I stretch for 5 minutes or more and meditate on those days that I have done high intensity workouts. 

A Balanced Diet is Essential But I Still Get Tempted By Junk Food!

Finally, I want to highlight that I understand that if I do not follow a balanced diet, get enough nutrients, vegetables and fruits; I will not see any results. This step is simple, but not easy.

For weight loss, it’s simple math: calories in less than calories out then you are in a calorie deficit. But it is definitely not easy as there are many delicious foods such as cakes, hamburgers, and pizza that I just cannot resist. You need to eat well (and healthily) however if you want to gain muscle!

I have already experienced some results since I started my journey last September. It was difficult at first, but I am adjusting to going to the gym four times a week and to eating healthily.

I lost momentum and strength during the Christmas holidays, but I am determined to get it back. At least I can climb the stairs to my house without losing my breath and go for a little morning jog. My body has changed too, and I am so happy with what I see in the mirror. Although I want to achieve more changes in both cardio and physique-wise.

Now my next step is learning more about nutrition, and in the gym, moving into the lifting weights zone, a place that I have always associated with men. But women should also be strong, not just mentally or emotionally, but physically as well.

I am currently working on my consistency, which is key to success. Putting a schedule together with your trainer is such a practical step for you, so don’t be afraid of the gym or your trainer and always have in mind that you are deserving of whatever positive changes you seek!

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Irene Del Pozo

Irene Del Pozo from Spain, is a student of journalism and media communication from Carlos III, University in Madrid. She uses the skills she's developing to research about health and fitness and she devotes much of her free time to training in the gym and optimizing her health. She believes in progress and consistency along with sound nutrition. Her mission is to bring a positive outlook and simplicity to objectives that are sometimes very challenging for many people. She has learned to not give up and still have fun!

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