Women Who Lift and Why You Should Too!

Although weightlifting has always been considered a masculine sport, there’s no questioning that women who lift are definitely becoming more prevalent all over the globe. Less women are scared of becoming ‘bulky’ from lifting (because it's not that easy to build real muscle, contrary to what some ...

Top 5 Ways to Prevent Sports Injuries!

We all want to avoid taking time away from the sports and activities we love. There’s nothing worse than sitting on the sidelines and waiting to get back on the court, track or in the gym! While it is impossible to prevent all injuries, these Top 5 Ways to Prevent Sports Injuries will show you ...

Jamaican trainer kid on Ellen!

Demarjay Smith, the well-spoken 8 year old Jamaican trainer kid is causing quite a stir and has become quite the viral video sensation! The youngest motivational fitness trainer in the world, Demarjay's got that star quality of confidence in spades along with the gifted ability to inspire others ...

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