CORE: 3 Tips for Strengthening Yours!

A strong core is the foundation of good balance and stability. It helps prevent falls and provides ample back support. In fact, you need better core strength in order to perform exercises or adopt exercises that engage the chest and midsection. It’s always important to focus on building core strength. Follow these tips to get the best results in, CORE: 3 Tips for Strengthening Yours!

1. Do Perfect Planks

If you ask any trainer about the best way to build core strength, planks are often the first suggested exercise. A planking position adds slow-building tension to the abs and back. If you do it right, you can attain better stability and improve your back posture.

Once you have perfected planking, you can try out other variations of the exercise. You can try ‘plank and reach’-style poses which involve the standard planking position and, with your elbows locked out straight, stretching one arm fully out in front. As you bring it down, do the same with other arm.

You can also try side planks. Simply assume a planking position and turn your hips to one side. As you explore different plank exercises, you may want to work your way towards warrior yoga poses. These are guaranteed to develop your flexibility and build oblique core strength.

2. Pick the Right Squat Exercises

Planks are not the only exercise that lead to a stronger core. While squats mostly target your lower body, they are also ideal for training your core muscles. If you’re used to regular squats, you can mix things up by using other variations of it.

It’s best to start with a light kettlebell. You also may want to look for a pair of shoes that can help you maintain your balance. Feel free to check out some of best squat shoes here. If you are eager for faster results, take a 30-day squat challenge that includes various crunches and sit ups that are great for conditioning your abs and building core strength. This challenge also helps you to stay consistent so you’ll be accelerating away towards a stronger core.

3. Adopt the Right Diet

When it comes to building core strength, exercise alone just won’t cut (or shred) it. Your workout plan should also be accompanied by a diet that’s fairly low in fat and rich in nutrients.

Your meals should consist of protein-rich food such as eggs, and nuts such as almonds that are great sources of tissue-building magnesium. Moreover, you can try substituting whole milk with bio-yogurt to get a healthy source of calcium without having to consume oodles of fat.

Lastly, consider detoxifying by drinking black tea which is rich in antioxidants that help you burn fat and can help you reveal your own six-pack. If you’re used to drinking coffee with cream, consider swapping your usual cuppa joe pick-me-up with a serving of hot tea in the morning.

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