Yoga: 5 Warrior Poses to Sculpt Your Body

Warrior poses are among the most dynamic yoga postures. Besides being a great stretch for the outer hips and hamstrings, it’s proven to be an amazing strengthening pose. There are five variations of this pose: warrior one, two, and three, reverse and humble warrior. All target different muscle groups. Read on for how you can add the strength element into your yoga practice and have even more fun with these warrior pose transitions. Ready? Then read on for Yoga: 5 Warrior Poses to Sculpt Your Body!

1. Warrior Poses: Warrior One to Humble Warrior

Transitioning from warrior one to humble warrior focuses on each leg’s quadricep muscles as well as the front leg’s outer hip. The core is active throughout, transferring the weight to the lower body and working the legs. Clasp your palms, interlacing the fingers behind the back when in humble warrior and this opens the front of the chest, creating more space across the front body giving a fuller workout effect. Increase the number of reps to strengthen and tone the muscles.

2. Warrior Two to Parsvakonasana or Side Angle Pose

A block will be handy for this transition. To intensify the stretch, relax the first toes and lift the heel off the ground in warrior two. You will feel a burn in the front of your quads and the inner thigh.

Be mindful when activating the side core to lengthen both sides of the waist. Then reach forward from the right side and put your hand outside the front foot on a block to come to Parsvakonasana. Focus on working the inner thighs towards the pubic floor and this will activate your core and take excessive weight off the bottom hand. Repeat multiple times to strengthen the body.

3. Warrior Three to Half-Moon Pose

The difference between the two poses is that the half-moon focuses on squeezing the glutes and contracting and opening the side body to twist whereas in warrior three, the hips are levelled and parallel to the ground with both sides of the waist equal in length. Try out this transition to test your balance and work the quads, glutes and the core thoroughly..

4. Warrior Three Squats / Pistol Squats

These warrior three squats are a lot more fun than just your regular squats. Bend the front leg and the knee of the back leg and squat low so that the back knee touches the front calf. Then come back to warrior three. This will fire up the glutes and tone the entire lower body. Keep your core engaged to help with balance.

If you want more of a challenge, try doing pistol squats in the same transition. Bring the back leg that is hovering off the ground closer to your chest, extend the same leg in front and squat low. Feel free to use your hand or a block for leverage. You will most certainly feel this one in your quads.

5. Warrior Three to Three-Legged Dolphin Pose

It sounds tricky but trust me you will start to love this one! To do this transition, bend your front leg, bring your hand in prayer position and slowly start squatting on the front leg. When you have reached low, grip the mat with both hands and bring your forearms and shoulders down while simultaneously placing the front leg back into a three-legged dolphin pose. Do as many reps as your body needs. It will work the triceps, shoulders and legs.

The great thing about the above transitions is that you can play around with these according to your own flexibility, balance and strength. Level it up or down and combine them in your daily yoga practice to experience a full body workout!

Have you tried any of these warrior poses / transitions? If yes, which movements flow effortlessly and which ones do you find the most challenging? Let us know in the comments below and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter Instagram. You might also be interested in our other yoga articles such as: 5 Lesser Known Benefits of Yoga, our fitness articles such as: TRX Exercises for Strength and if you’re thinking of going vegan, these 5 Must Haves for Your Pantry!

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