6 Motivational Idioms to Guide You Through Your Day!

All these classic idioms and archaic sayings must have some resonance, somehow, right? They’ve been around for years, passed down for generations – assuredly for a reason. Not to be taken literally of course, we would do well to interpret the real meaning behind these idiomatic phrases and what is really being said. Surprisingly enough, it can lead you on to being inspired and living with enlivened, refreshed and often humour-tickled motivation. Read on for these 6 Motivational Idioms to Guide You Through Your Day!

1. Don’t cry over spilt milk

You go to your fridge, grab the milk to splash into your tea and you spill it. There’s now a small puddle of milk on your kitchen floor. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Don’t cry about it – mop it up and move on. (Just pay more attention next time!) Keep things in perspective. Don’t stress and get upset about the small things – you can deal with these, nip them in the bud and prevent them from escalating. Life’s not worth it, besides you’ve got bigger fish to fry!

2. Worst things happen at sea

If you’re having a bad day, nothing’s going right and you’re just plain and simply fed up. Just think – worst things happen at sea! The sea seems far away and removed from you – a vast space of deep blue water. You’re safe on land and can cope. From this point of view, there’s no problem you can’t tackle. Just remind yourself, it’s not the end of the world.

3. Better late than never

Making the effort is what counts. It’s better to achieve something and make it happen rather than delay, procrastinate about it and give up. Follow things through step by step – it’s better to make progress and arrive at the end goal at some point rather than never trying or getting anywhere at all. It’s better to at least try. Trust your instincts and don’t let other people or yourself get yourself down!

4. Smile and the whole world smiles with you

It really requires very little effort. Smiling is contagious – it can make you feel better as well as the people around you. Raise those lips up and watch others follow. By physically displaying a smile, you can propel yourself to feel happier and encourage others to smile back. Remember a small gesture can go a long way. (Believe it or not, if you smile even when you don’t feel like it, you can actually trigger responses in your brain to find a reason to put real power behind that smile – fake it until you make it on those days when you don’t particularly feel like it – it works!)

5. Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened

Don’t look back and reminisce negatively, longing for the past, feeling regret or sadness. Look forward and be happy to carry the good memories with you. Focus on the now and making new, better memories based on positive experiences. Appreciate and celebrate what you’ve achieved with love. Live in the present.

6. You only live once (YOLO)

Saving the best for last, you only live once. Nothing more than as it says – we’re only on this planet for the one life (as far as we know it?) – so we must make the most of it and live to the maximum (of our potential) that’s possible. Enjoy the moment, be spontaneous, outrageous and courageous, and do what makes you happy. Do yourself good and do others good. As simple as that. As Mae West once said: ‘You only live once, but if you do it right, once is enough’. Inspirational.

Keep things in perspective, learn from your mistakes and be excited for the future. This is your life – it’s recommended to live it constructively in the way you want and do it right. You are your own boss and your happiness is your number one priority. Seize the day! What are some of your favourite quotes, reminders that really propel you to be your best? Let us know in the comments below, join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram. If you’re anxious or awake at nights, wrestling with emotional or relationship issues, then this is for you, there’s help available. Take control of your health, learn how to eliminate diseasebe free, keep smiling and Keep YOUR Fit ON!

Cordelia Aspinall

Cordelia has recently graduated from the University of Bristol, and is currently a Freelance Writer with a burning interest in health and fitness. She's a running addict, a yoga bunny and Zumba enthusiast who loves cooking and trying out new recipes. For her, life is all about happiness and she strongly believes that a healthy lifestyle is all about balance -go for a run then eat that cake! She also advocates the benefits of exercise on your physical and mental health as a great way to clear your head whilst challenging yourself. Her next goal: the London Marathon!

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