5 Super-Effective Exercises You Can Do in a Small Space!

Exercise enthusiasts like myself were all sad to see the gyms and our favourite fitness clubs close during the coronavirus pandemic. Even now, with lockdown measures easing up in the United Kingdom, it is still difficult to go to the gym, and can even feel quite scary, just like any indoor space now opening back up for the first time in almost half a year.

That is why we need to make the most of the space we have in our homes, even if you don’t have much of it, you can still get a great workout in! Try out these 5 Super Effective Exercises You Can Do in a Small Space!

1. No Rope-Jump Rope

Jump rope is a great way to warm up your body for a workout, or to use as a long cardio session. My problem is that I can’t skip through a rope without hitting my ceiling, or knocking over furniture!

Though you may feel silly, simply pretending you are holding a rope while you skip can be just as effective as the real thing! Your arms will ache in a good way after a few minutes of keeping tension in your arms, just make sure to keep tight fists as if you were holding the rope ends as you jump. No more knocking your furniture over with a rope!

2. Burpee Variations

If you are anything like me, hearing the words ‘squat thrust’ or ‘burpee’ can make you groan, but these do not have to be crazy hard!

There are many variations of burpees and squat thrusts, including easier going burpees, and variations which add something fun to make the burpee section of your workout less boring and repetitive. These can be done in a tiny space, I do them all the time in the small space between my bed and my wall!

3. Downward Dog to Plank

This is one of my favourite indoor yoga exercises right now. Downward Dog to Plank works your shoulders, abs, back, arms and even your glutes if you squeeze them as you move into the plank!

You can also choose the speed you go at with these, but start with 3 sets of 10 reps and you will feel the light burn and benefit! As a plus, these will also help you to work on your push-up posture!

4. Lunge Variations

Lunges are a great exercise to do in a small space! You can hit most of the muscles in your legs just by performing a few of these variations.

Make sure not to overdo it with lunges though, especially if you haven’t done many before, since knees can be very prone to weakness and pain when lunging for the first time.

Start out with no more than 6-10 minutes of lunging, and build this up as your mind, cardio, and muscles strengthen!

5. Sit-Up Punches

This is a great exercise for your core and arms, and you can even do this on your bed if you want to. You can try these with one punch per time you sit up, for more of a fast cardio move, or with 8 punches at the height of your sit up, to really tighten up your abs!

Give these exercises in a small space a go and let us know what you think! What moves work best for you in a small-space? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram!

One of the single most effective and energising exercises you can do in a small space is bodyweight squats – learn more secret keys in our book, How Squats Can Change Your Life – with a foreword by WWE and World Champion wrestler, Rob Van Dam

Rachel Stevens

Rachel is a Health Psychology Masters student at De Montfort University, specializing in physical exercise for better mental health during the COVID-19 pandemic. She is a passionate vegan as well as a long-time cardio-dance fitness devotee. Rachel wants to move into a career where she can encourage people to take up exercise which they will wholeheartedly delight in, as well as a diet which is healthy for both body and mind. Ultimately, she strives to address the growing mental health issues in our population through the route of a healthy lifestyle.

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