5 Quick, Five-Minute Workouts that will Boost Your Energy, FAST!

When you feel like your energy is depleted and you need a bit of a spark to ignite your system, exercising isn’t probably on top of your list of things to do. However, exercise can actually be the perfect pick-me-up to fight off sluggishness. Five minutes of stretching or high-intensity exercise can help kickstart the body, get it going and engage your brain, providing a much better alternative to downing that cup of coffee or can of Red Bull. Below are 5 Quick, Five-Minute Workouts that will Boost Your Energy, FAST!

1. Dynamic Stretch Routine (LIVESTRONG)

Stretching is a very important activity that many people often overlook. It helps keep your muscles flexible and strong whilst also maintaining a fuller range of motion of your joints which is especially important for those who may suffer from debilitating conditions such as arthritis. This dynamic stretching routine is designed to increase blood flow to your muscles, tendons and ligaments which will certainly overall activate your body, and boost your energy.

2. Full-Body Cardio Workout (Fitness Blender)

Effectively stimulating your cardiovascular system will help loosen up your muscles and increase blood flow. This can help remove the feelings and effects of tiredness and that lethargic feeling you may get after waking up or sitting down for too long. The following workout doesn’t require the use of any equipment and consists of invigorating exercises such as jumping jacks, lunges and side squats.

3. Quick Bodyweight Workout (Coach Mag)

This 2-round circuit is certain to get you into gear while only requiring you to simply perform 3 exercises that require the use of your bodyweight and your bodyweight only! The aim is to keep a fast pace, keeping rest intervals to a minimal duration.

4. Super High-Intensity Ladder Workout (Men’s Journal)

High-intensity quick workouts can have huge positive effects on your health and fitness. Some studies would even suggest that short, high-intensity workouts are just as effective as 45 minutes of moderate physical activity. This workout is one out of a collection of five high intensity workouts and involves just 3 exercises: squat jumps, push-ups and mountain climbers. It requires you to perform a descending ladder of repetitions starting at 10 for each exercise, then 8, 6, 4, and finally 2.

5. Wake-Up Workout (NHS)

This workout consists of a combination of exercises which initially starts by releasing tension and stiffness through stretching, which is followed by a series energising power moves to finish. This routine will work all the major parts of your body, with exercises such as hamstring stretches, squats and power walking, helping you get the best start to your day possible!

Incorporating even at least one of these workouts and mastering it might just be among the best decisions you ever make! It could give you that boost of energy which manifests as increased motivation and confidence to complete that piece of work or chore you haven’t quite had the energy to start or finish yet. Just imagine, 5 minutes is all it takes to supercharge your energy and get your mojo switched on and back up to speed!

What kind of quick workouts and moves work best for you, is there a micro-circuit that you have mastered? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram!

Myan Thomas

Myan is a recent Physiology and Sports Science graduate from the University of Leeds. He is currently embarking on a Masters in Football Science and Rehabilitation at the University of Central Lancashire. He's a very sports orientated person and enjoys playing football, tennis and basketball. The way in which exercise can lead to significant benefits in health and fitness really interests him and he is keen to share this knowledge with those who will really benefit from it.

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