4 Healthy Pancake Ideas!

If you’re looking to boost your energy levels to prepare for a strenuous day ahead, one of the most important factors to your productivity is a healthy, hearty breakfast. If you view your body as an elite, top-of-the-range sports car, you know that it’ll require the best fuel to perform optimally to be able to ‘go the distance’ on a long journey. Well, the same applies to the human body so if you fuel your body correctly, it will enable you to feel energised (wonderfuel if you will) throughout the day until the sun goes down and then some. Now let’s delve deeper and discover the hidden treasures within a morning power pancake with these 4 Healthy Pancake Ideas!

For the pancake batter mix – It’s pretty much the same for the recipes below, simply adjust according to your preference: 3 egg whites, 1 yolk, 30g oats, bran (for added fibre), 1 scoop of isolate/vegan protein powder (choose your flavour) and stevia and/or cinnamon to taste.

1. Berrylicious – Packed full of disease fighting antioxidants, berries are proficient at protecting your heart and blueberries in particular contain vitamin C which boosts the immune system and can help to enhance brain function and reduce memory loss. Activate your mind with 3 tablespoons of berries added to your mix.

2. The ‘Big Apple!’ – When married with cinnamon, these pancakes become a fan favourite! High in the fibre pectin, apples can aid the digestive process; lowering dangerous cholesterol which can block your blood vessels and put a strain on the heart. Cinnamon has properties to help absorb glucose into the cells from the bloodstream which decreases the risk of diabetes and accelerates muscle recovery; excellent in helping you to craft your ‘Greek god’ like physique!

3. Walnana – This delicious combination of banana and walnut could make you feeling as if you’re disobeying your healthy meal plan but with these nutrient dense powerhouses, you’ll only reap the rewards of good health. As well as fibre, bananas are high in potassium which regulates fluid balance and promotes muscle and nerve function; essential for those physically demanding workouts. As for walnuts, they’re rich in omega 3 fats which act as an anti-inflammatory to reduce muscle and joint soreness. Time to get chopping, 1 banana and 2 tablespoons of walnuts will do!

4. Cocoa Pod – Sprinkle 3 tablespoons of natural cocoa nibs into your batter, and once cooked, you’ve got yourself a mood elevating breakfast! This is due to the release of endorphins from the Aztec’s famous superfood; setting you up for a happier, healthier day in the workplace! Ensure to heat up the pan to a medium-high setting, add a dash of virgin coconut oil for the base, cook on both sides until golden brown and voila, your pancake masterpiece is complete, all that’s left now, is for you to tuck in and enjoy!

It can be true sometimes that lack of time or variety is an issue when it comes to breakfast but flooding your immune system with these nutritious pancake recipes will awaken the mind and satisfy those early morning hunger pangs without fail! If you’re already used to having a reasonably healthy breakfast, I’m sure you notice the difference in how you feel physically, emotionally and mentally compared to when you don’t.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this welcome to the world of healthy pancakes, why not give them a try yourself? Perhaps you have come up with some of your own, feel free to let us know by commenting below, we’d love to share them!

Benjamin Ensall

Benjamin is an advocate of the health and wellbeing lifestyle and the positive impact it can make on people’s lives. He has national and international experience as a Senior Personal Trainer, Food Psychology Behaviour Coach and Healthcare Technician and strives to make a difference. He helps facilitate the realisation of one's potential to achieve a happier and healthier life.

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