Toast Toppers: 5 Delicious Spreads that are NOT Peanut Butter!

The UK loves peanut butter. We now spend more on peanut butter than we do on jam and it’s worth an incredible £99m per year. Rich in protein and without the sugar of jam, it’s easy to see why we’re mad about the nutty, gooey spread. But explore the shelves of your local supermarket and you’ll find a whole host of new spreads made from nuts and seeds. So next time you’re adding nut butter to a shake or oats, why not try out one of these alternatives? Toast Toppers: 5 Delicious Spreads that are NOT Peanut Butter!

1. Almond Butter

Rich and indulgent, almond butter contains 7g plant protein per two tablespoons with 12g of monounsaturated fat making it a smart choice to boost the nutrition of your post-workout shake. Lower in carbohydrates and sugars than other nuts with a low GI, add a dollop of almond butter to your protein shake for added taste and nutrition.

2. Cashew Butter

Higher in calories than other nut butters, cashew butter is a way to add creaminess to dishes or can be used as a non-dairy alternative to butter. Cashews contain iron and magnesium and it will thicken up your curry and sauces. Try swirling some into a veggie curry to dial up the texture.

3. Pumpkin Seed Butter

It’s not just nuts that make great spreads. Try pumpkin seed butter in a smoothie. It’s full of healthy fats and pumpkin seeds are a good source of calcium and iron as well as being protein rich so an excellent way to boost protein intake in plant-based diets. Try adding a couple tablespoonfuls to a simple smoothie along with almond milk, a banana and spinach. Wow!

4. Hazelnut Butter

A healthier version of Nutella! Hazelnut butter is one of the most luxurious – rich, and creamy ones with that Ferrero Rocher-style flavour but without the sugar. Add a little cocoa powder and some maple syrup to create your own healthier version of chocolate spread. It’s delicious drizzled over pancakes or waffles! Or try heating hazelnut milk in a pan with some cocoa and maple sugar for a healthier hot chocolate and add a dollop of hazelnut butter for extra moreish creaminess. 

5. Blueberry Spread

After a hard workout or run, we need some natural sugars so why not try a fruit spread like blueberry spread? Many in health food shops are sweetened with fruit juices rather than sugar. Although your body responds to natural sugars the same as table sugar, these products have some extra vitamins and antioxidants and also add a wonderful aroma and lovely taste. Try on toast for a flavour-bursting, fruitastic start to your day.

Are you a peanut butter nutter? Tell us all about it, as well as your other favourite healthy spreads and favourite recipes to use them in in the comment section below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter InstagramClick onto these other healthy 5-point listicles for more and don’t forget to Keep YOUR Fit ON!

Scott King

Scott is a plant-based foodie and runner, having completed numerous marathons as well as the Manchester Marathon in 2019. He is passionate about plant based food which he shares on his Instagram page: @plantbasedfood_scott_runs which features the latest new products hitting the market and his porridge and breakfast bowl recipes. Scott has worked in the food industry, in marketing where he has developed campaigns to encourage shoppers to try more plant based foods and is all about positive eating. It's no to eliminating and deprivation and yes to adding extra plant-based food into your diet!

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