Your Immune System: 3 Ways to Build it Up & Avoid Getting Sick!

When it feels like everyone around you is starting to sniffle, sneeze and call in sick to work, you might be inclined to stock up on cold and flu prevention medicine and start taking preventative steps to keep yourself in good health. One of the keys to not getting sick even when something’s going around is a robust immune system, which allows you to fight off potential infections and remain in tip-top, peak health.

Though you might not usually plan your daily activities around immune health, taking actions like eating more fresh produce, encouraging the practicing of guided sleep meditations for kids and meditation for dialling back stress levels, can all contribute to better immune health – and lower the chances of getting sick this flu season. Read on for Your Immune System: 3 Ways to Build it Up & Avoid Getting Sick!

1. Focus on Incorporating Fresh Foods & Specific Vitamins into Your Daily Diet

It’s no exaggeration to say that your diet and whether or not you’re in-taking critical nutrients can play a huge role in your immune health. Though the winter months make it tempting to gorge on junk and comfort foods, it’s more important now than ever to consume enough fresh produce. If you really want to focus on immune health, look for foods containing high levels of these essential vitamins:

Don’t forget that you can get lots of antioxidants outside of your meals, too! Try swapping out sugary snacks for pieces of fruit or chopped up vegetables. You can also squeeze in some extra healthy goodness by drinking green or herbal teas and cooking with fresh spices.

2. Take IV Therapies

Another way to get the necessary vitamins and minerals in a faster way is IV therapy which can boost your immunity after some intake and keep the body healthy. It is beneficial for the lungs, liver, skin, and other organs and can treat many health issues such as the flu, high blood pressure, hangover, etc.

Before taking any IV therapy you need to deeply research different kinds of IV fluids to choose the best one that suits your body’s needs. For instance, the most widely used fluid is normal saline as it’s effective for the widest variety of conditions and works well for most hydration needs due to hemorrhage, vomiting, diarrhea, or even shock.

3. Lower Your Stress Levels & Aim for Better Sleep

It’s an unfortunate fact that high stress levels can actually lower your immunity, as can too little sleep. To combat this effect, take a little ‘me-time’ during flu season to focus on lowering your stress levels and getting better sleep. You can find helpful supplements in Brillia reviews for adults, for instance, and work them into a pre-bedtime regimen. One popular option is to wind down with some relaxing yoga and then settle in for a solid eight hours of sleep.

4. Remember the Two H’s: Hydration & Hygiene

These tips may seem very common-sense, but it’s easy to forget when your day is jam-packed with other chores that you should be washing your hands frequently and chugging down plenty of water.

In terms of hydration, the general recommendation is about eight glasses a day, though this can be modified based on your weight and other factors. Your hygiene can also help prevent the spread of germs – for instance, washing your hands before and after meals, avoid touching your face, and only sneeze into your elbow when you have to.

Flu season can feel like a struggle to get through in one piece, but getting sick is not inevitable if you’re doing all you can to look after your immune-system health. Between eating vitamin-rich produce, getting lots of sleep time in, finding ways to ease your stress, me-time, drinking plenty of water and always washing your hands, you can boost your immunity and lower the chances that you’ll pick something up. Start prepping now to make the most of the season, and you can feel good about helping your immune system function at its best! 

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