How to Choose the Best Bikes if You Have a Bad Back

Back pain can make the prospect of cycling or riding a road or mountain bike daunting. The best bikes for bad backs are cruiser bikes, hybrid cruiser bikes and tricycles. For the most versatility in terms of terrain, it is hard to surpass the features of a men’s or womens hybrid bike. Find out what makes hybrid cruiser bikes, cruisers and adult tricycles the most comfortable bikes for riders who suffer from back pain. Read on for How to Choose the Best Bikes if You Have a Bad Back!

Hybrid Cruiser Bikes

A hybrid cruiser bike combines the comfort of a cruiser with the off-road readiness of a hybrid bike. Hybrid bikes, in turn, combine features of mountain and road bikes. While cruisers are the best choice for riding on paved terrain that is relatively flat, hybrid cruiser bikes can handle elevations while minimizing the stress that is put on your back. Consider a 3, 7, or 21-speed model if you plan to ride on any hilly trails.

Make sure that your height falls within the specified range for a frame. One of the best features of cruiser bikes is the ability to fully extend your legs when pedalling. The right seat and pedal height settings significantly reduce the stress of pedalling on your back and joints. Hybrid cruiser bikes also have high handlebars to promote an upright sitting position. The large, cushioned saddle is another cruiser bike feature that supplies lumbar support.

Cruiser Bikes

Cruiser bikes have a long-standing reputation as the best bikes for bad backs. The frame geometry and pedal position of these types makes it possible for riders to fully extend their legs. In addition to maximizing pedalling power, these designs improve balance by making it possible for a rider to rest his or her feet on the ground when stopped.

The tires on cruisers are often wider than hybrid bike tires. Although a hybrid cruiser might have a similar seat design, true cruisers prioritize a smooth ride over off-road ruggedness. Many riders find that these models achieve superior shock absorption. If you only ride on flat terrain, you may be able to comfortably ride a single speed cruiser. Riders with back pain who plan to take on any elevations should consider multi-speed models.

Adult Tricycles

If stability is your primary concern, you shouldn’t shy away from riding an adult tricycle. These models often feature large cargo baskets, making tricycles a great transportation solution. Tricycles with cruiser-inspired frames enable riders to put their feet on the ground when stopped, provide the best balance on flat surfaces and can be ordered with multiple speed derailleurs.

The flexible uses possible with a hybrid bike, the cushioned ride of a cruiser bike or the stability of an adult tricycle may set one of these types apart as the best option for continuing to ride without causing back pain to worsen.

Powering any of these bike builds with a 250 Watt or 500W electric motor can further reduce back strain as you ride. Cycling is one of the best, low-impact forms of cardiovascular exercise and also promotes lifelong full-body strength.

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