Top 5 Vegan Sweet Treats!

You can still be super unhealthy as a vegan as there are still lots of sugary snacks out there, mass processed stuff. If you’re interested in being a healthy vegan but still like a sweet treat every now and then, why not try some of our favourite recipes? Enter our Top 5 Vegan Sweet Treats!

1) Salted Caramel smoothie


1 banana
4 medjool dates
Pinch of Himalayan pink salt
250ml almond milk
Dash of vanilla extract

Method: Add all these ingredients to your blender. Add ice if you want it cold.
Now prepared to be amazed that something so healthy can taste so good!

2) Banana bread


6 bananas
175g your flour of choice
Half teaspoon baking powder
Half teaspoon baking soda
Half juice of lemon
Mash up the bananas and add all the ingredients and mix together.

Method: Cook at 175 degrees for around 30 minutes (If you like it softer then reduce the time and if you like it firmer, increase the time)
Hmm…really homely and comforting this one!

3) Raw chocolate

Conscious chocolate, Pana Raw, Pacari
Only sweetened with rice syrup, agave or just pure Cacao. You can buy all these brands from health food stores now and they are great if you need a chocolate fix and don’t want to have the classic sugar rush from all the standard chocolate bars. Cacao is a superfood so why not eat chocolate that’s actually good for you?

4) Meridian Blackcurrant jam

Sweetened with apple juice and no artificial sugars make this an excellent item to keep for the times when you need a healthy sweet kick. I unashamedly eat it by the spoonful but it’s also great on some organic spelt bread!

5) Hot Chocolate


Organic Cocoa
Maple Syrup
Plant milk of your choice

Method: Add three teaspoons of cocoa with a dash of hot water and make a paste. Sweeten to your own taste.
Heat up some lovely plant milk to make a scrumptious hot chocolate for these cold winter days!

Since I stopped eating refined sugar, the results have been really eye opening. I no longer crave sugar like I did before and if I do indulge in any refined sugar, I feel it pulsing through my body like a big fat espresso! It does feel a little like kicking a silent addiction and it feels truly amazing, great, freedom at last!

Harriet Roberts

Harriet has always been strongly invested in her health and became a vegetarian when she was 17. Well versed in food and nutrition she also has a background in dance and gymnastics and naturally maintains an active lifestyle. Taking a holistic view on health she now practices yoga and veganism. Her current mantra is: to be present in every moment and let life flow wherever it takes her!

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