5 Top Vegan Energy Bars!

Whether you're out hiking in the country, on a holiday to a destination with questionable vegan options, or just rushing around the city, filling up quick with a hearty energy bar is just the thing to keep you energised, fit and strong. Packed with nuts, seeds, cereals and fruits, here are the best ...

Top 5 Nut Butters!

Meet peanut butter’s cool, smart and versatile cousin – nut butter! Peanut butter has long been a cupboard staple, but in recent years a whole host of different nutty spreads have made their way onto mainstream shelves. They are as delicious as they are nutritious and have a wide variety of ...

Top 5 Vegan Sweet Treats!

You can still be super unhealthy as a vegan as there are still lots of sugary snacks out there, mass processed stuff. If you’re interested in being a healthy vegan but still like a sweet treat every now and then, why not try some of our favourite recipes? Enter our Top 5 Vegan Sweet Treats! 1) ...

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