Top 5 Health Benefits of Passion Fruit!

Passion fruit originates from South America (Brazil, Paraguay and Argentina) and is part of the psychedelic, funky-looking ‘Passiflora’ family – recognised for both its delectable culinary qualities, as well as its potent medicinal value. It is now cultivated in the majority of temperate, warmer climates around the world so sourcing these nutritious, versatile fruits is now easier than ever. This large purple berry may be most commonly consumed as a juiced beverage however there are a host of benefits to be had by including this sweet, sour floral wonder as a whole food into your dietary lifestyle. Now let’s discover the Top 5 Health Benefits of Passion Fruit!

1. Decreases risk of eye disease
Passion fruit contains a high concentration of vitamin A, which is known to decrease the risk of detrimental visual conditions as it helps to protect the surface of your eyes. Carotenoids present in passion fruit increase the production of vitamin A in the body, establishing a strong defence mechanism against potential harm.

2. Improves immunity
Oranges and lemons get all the glory when it comes to fruits high in vitamin C, but a single serving of passion fruit also contains over 100% of our RDA. Vitamin C is important for the protection of your cells, fighting off any potentially contagious viruses and illnesses that may manifest themselves such as the common cold. The body can’t produce vitamin C naturally so it has to be absorbed through your sensible diet.

3. Aids weight loss and improves digestion
If you’re on a calorie-controlled diet and are looking for something tasty to snack on, then passion fruit may be your new best friend. With less than 100 calories, virtually no saturated fat and over 70% water content, it will fight off hunger pangs with efficiency and elegance. Passion fruit is also fibre-rich at approx 30% promoting healthy digestion and gut flora.

4. Improves skin conditions
100g of passion fruit contains 25% of your RDA of vitamin A. As well as being beneficial to your vision, vitamin A plays an important role in maintaining healthy skin. Consuming vitamin A increases blood flow to your skin’s surface, slowing down the degradation of collagen and elastin, thus reducing symptoms of undesirable dermatological conditions (i.e. wrinkles and aging).

5. Promotes healthy pregnancy
If you’re pregnant then passion fruit with its high vitamin and fibre profile is a particularly beneficial dietary addition. The antioxidants, minerals and nutrients ensure healthy growth and development of the foetus with the fibre alleviating common issues relating to bowel movements.

If you’re keen to take your salads to a new level, want a vitamin-enriched topping for your yogurt, or just an alternative fruit to snack on, then be sure to explore and stock up on this delicious fruit. Opt for the slightly more wrinkly variety to ensure optimum sweetness as you reap its numerous exotic benefits as a positive bonus! Passionate about passion fruit? Tell us all about it below or share your recipes @KeepfitKingdom !

Adam McDade

Adam is interested in how exercise regime, diet and lifestyle can contribute to optimum physical and spiritual growth. With a background as a creative, he passionately experiments with new exercise techniques for strength and conditioning, yoga asanas and meditation methods. He's also into new exotic ingredients that create simultaneously delicious and nutritionally-conscious meals. Adam has been vegan for 2 years (vegetarian for 10 years) and is fascinated by Asian philosophies, culture, and cuisine.

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