Top 5 Best PEMF Therapy Mats in 2021

Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy (PEMF) is a safe, non-invasive way of overcoming pain and boosting the healing process. These electromagnetic waves penetrate deep inside the body, helping to normalize various processes and functions. Although their mechanism of action is quite simple, when it comes to choosing a PEMF mat, it may prove to be quite a daunting task. Healthyline Outlet has numerous options at just the right price points, so follow on for Top 5 Best PEMF Therapy Mats in 2021!

Here are few things to consider before buying a PEMF mat:


Most PEMF mats not only provide electromagnetic field therapy, but also have body warming infrared with temperature control. They are often studded with various gems to provide heat stone therapy along with the benefits of gems. Adding gems provide benefits that modern science has still not yet understood. Additionally, most mats also provide negative air ions, which help freshen air and carry specific health benefits.

Working Frequency Matter

It is known that the earth’s natural frequency or heartbeat, as many would call it, is between 0-30 Hz. This is quite a low frequency and has numerous health benefits.


Good mats have sharper waveforms like a sawtooth wave or square waves for better body penetration. Even better, many mats have multiple wave options.

Bidirectional Pulse

Helps prevent the body from getting magnetically charged.

Mat Cover Material

One should choose a mat that is easy to clean and maintain. Thus, synthetic materials are generally better than cotton.

Below are some of the PEMF mats to consider in 2021 from Healthyline Outlet:

1. TAJ Mat Full Pro PLUS

Most TAJ PEMF mats are generally well made with durable fabric. This particular model has all the necessary functions like optimal PEMF frequency, infrared heating, and negative ion control. More importantly, all the functions can be controlled independently from each other. Added benefits include; tourmaline ceramic stones, amethyst, and natural jade. These various gems ensure that the waves can penetrate deeply.

2. TAO Mat Large

This one also has an ideal PEMF frequency of 7.8 Hz, infrared therapy, and control of negative ion levels. It comes with a good controller that allows the controlling of temperatures up to 70° Celsius. It is studded with tourmaline ceramic, amethyst, and obsidian for added health benefits. It provides heat therapy with the help of gemstones and advanced infrared therapy that penetrates deep into tissues.

3. Platinum-Mat™ Full Pro PLUS

This is a premium quality product that includes customizable PEMF with 10 pre-set programs that help you sleep better. One can program PEMF frequency, type of waveform, intensity, and time limit. It also features hot stone therapy, advanced infrared therapy, photon light therapy, and negative ion therapy. Since all the parameters can be programmed individually, it means that there are thousands of possible combinations. It is worth noticing that its photon therapy option is especially good for skin health.

4. Large Chakra Mat

This has PEMF options such as hot stone, advanced infrared, and negative ion therapy. It does not have a photon therapy option. But other functions can be programmed individually to create numerous combinations. These mats focus on chakra balancing; thus, they have different gemstones like amethyst, sodalite, blue lace agate, green aventurine, yellow aventurine, carnelian, and red jasper. This would be the best choice for those who believe in the healing power of gemstones.

5. 360 Wrap Set TAO

This mat is unique in a way that it resembles more of a sleeping bag which helps keep heat inside. It has PEMF options, heat therapy options, gems, and negative ions. It’s ideal for helping relieve all-over body pains as it traps the heat and negative ions inside the bag.

PEMF devices come with numerous options. For example, most provide stone heat therapy with the help of gems, infrared therapy, and negative ion therapy. In addition, most of them come with controllers that help control each function individually. Most of these devices are available from Healthyline Outlet at discounted prices. 

Have you used PEMF therapy mats? What effects did you notice? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram! If you want to track your health and fitness, check out “Personal, Motivational FITNESS TRAINING Journal and Log Book: Fitness is…YOUR NEW SUPERPOWER”, for your New Year’s 2022 Resolutions’ health, fitness, and weight loss goals NOW on Amazon!

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