Top 5 Benefits of Moringa!

Moringa is the latest up and coming natural supplement that is sourced from the Drumstick tree (often nicknamed the horseradish tree). This tree grows mainly in India (in the ancient Ayurveda tradition of healthcare it says that the moringa plant offers remedies for 300 different conditions) and Africa but can also be found in the Philippines and Taiwan. Consuming it brings numerous wholesome benefits so let’s delve right into the Top 5 Benefits of Moringa! (listed here in no particular order):

1. Fights free radicals and inflammation
In a similar vein to green tea, moringa has the same benefits in fighting free radicals. However, it beats green tea in the sense that it also fights inflammation. This makes it like getting two birds with one (drum) stick; possessing green tea’s ability to fight free radicals and ginger tea’s ability to fight inflammation. You can reap these benefits by taking the supplement in powder or pill form but it can also be made into a tea of its own.

2. Assists muscle growth
Soy was known to have the most amount of plant protein for quite some time until it was recently discovered that moringa actually has a higher protein content. Its variety of amino acids assists in muscle growth and recovery meaning it can easily be used as a protein shake in its own right or to supplement protein sources you’re currently using.

3. Reduces fatigue and increases energy
Another reason to consume moringa regularly is that along with reducing fatigue it actually releases energy. Reducing fatigue and releasing energy are typically different objectives but with moringa you get both. Fatigue is normally caused by a lack of vitamins or minerals in your body such as iron which moringa boasts plenty of (25 times more iron than spinach). Not only will it get rid of that nagging, tired, fatigue feeling but it will actually help with energy release and give you the much needed boost you’re craving.

4. Lowers blood sugar and cholesterol 
This has to be one of its best benefits. Normally nature tends to help with one of these two conditions at a time but once again with moringa you can find both benefits in one plant. According to The Guardian, there’s an estimated 4 million people suffering from diabetes and the NHS estimates 1 in 4 people have high blood pressure. These are serious conditions which moringa can (as part of your regular diet) aid with.

5. Improves digestion
The benefits of a healthy gut are countless; from supporting your immune system to the absorption of nutrients, it makes sense to invest in your digestive health. Ever wondered why you become a bit moody when you’re bloated? Several studies have linked your tummy with your mood and so a happy gut is a happy person. Moringa can certainly help tummy trouble become a thing of the past.

So there you have it, some significant advantages to gain by including moringa in your diet. As mentioned earlier there are plenty more benefits not mentioned here such as brain, liver and mood health and moringa’s anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties. If you thought you needed one good reason to consume moringa, well, we’ve just given you five!

Marwan Harraz

Marwan is a Creative Writing and Journalism graduate who enjoys the healthy side of life. From football and weight lifting to smoothies and meal preps, he's passionate about fitness and wishes to share his knowledge and experience with the world. 'Work hard, play hard' is his motto and he relishes the mind-body connection edge that helps with goal achievement. Mental health is just as important to him as physical health!

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