Top 10 Health Benefits of Swimming!

Swimming is an excellent way to keep fit; it’s no wonder this unique sport is an all-round workout as it uses of course the entire body. Not only does it avoid putting a huge amount of pressure on the joints, but it also serves as an important life skill that can help protect you against drowning. Let’s dive into the water with Top 10 Health Benefits of Swimming!

1. It helps in reducing the risk of getting chronic illnesses

Yes, that’s right -research has shown that taking the plunge reduces cases of type 2 diabetes, heart disease and stroke by approximately 535 cases in 100,000 people. So in actual fact, swimming has the potential to increase life expectancy.

2. Swimming builds up muscle effectively

Water is much denser than air, so it’s no surprise that water resistance provides a suitable environment in which to tone up your body. Pulling with your arms and legs kicking through the water will not only build up muscle, but it will ensure that it’s evenly spread and toned across your entire body’s surface area.

3. It improves your breathing and increases lung capacity

One of the most obvious benefits of swimming lies in the classic breathing technique. Most front crawl swimmers can choose whether to breathe bilaterally (that’s breathing both left and right) or unilaterally (breathing on one side only). Research has actually shown that it improves symptoms of asthma, even 12 months after your last swim -thus helping you with long-term benefits.

4. Enhances all-round mental wellbeing

A 2010 report from the University of Valencia in Spain found that swimming increases a healthy competitive streak, which promotes good psychological well-being. It can be a fantastic way of beating the blues, as it’s been found to improve mood in both men and women.

5. Because of the decreased pressure in water, swimming benefits those with arthritis

It’s one of the most commonly recommended sports by doctors for patients with painful or aching joints and it’s no surprise. The water helps support the entire body, relieving the pressure off our joints. This combined with gentle exercise provides the perfect routine to ease those aching body parts.

6. It burns off calories

If you’ve set the goal to get a slim and toned body, then look no further than your local swimming pool! It’s one of the best forms of sport for burning fat and replacing it with lean calorie-burning and useful muscle tissue.

7. Improves your stamina

Working up a sweat in the pool increases your endurance, and has been found to improve oxygen consumption by 10%. Good stamina is a fitness quality which can be carried into any sport (and of course help you deal more effectively with life overall) also note that many swimmers take part in triathlons.

8. Swimming works wonders for the heart and cardiovascular system

It is well known that a workout in the pool strengthens your heart, reduces blood pressure and improves your cholesterol levels.

9. It increases flexibility

This can in turn improve performance in other sports. Swimming reduces stress and tension in the muscles, maximising the strength of joint movements. This helps decrease the risk of injury and stress in exercising all your muscles.

10. It improves your sleep

People who swim on a regular basis are more than twice as likely to report a sound night’s sleep compared to those who do not swim, according to a survey by the National Sleep Foundation. It can help insomnia sufferers and make you feel less tired during the working day.

As you’ve read, exercising in the water gives you many health benefits, what more reason to get your fins on!

Victoria McAnerney

Victoria is a keen health enthusiast with a passion for understanding how behaviour can be adapted to live a better, healthier lifestyle. Studying a degree in Health Psychology has helped her to understand the importance of psychology in healthy living and motivational behaviours. In her spare time she enjoys swimming and has recently taken up ballet. At Southampton University she was also part of the ballroom and Latin Dance Society.

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