8 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Gym & Fitness Junkies!

Picking the perfect Christmas gift for your friend or family member is difficult enough, but how about when the receiver is also infused with the keen spirit of health and fitness? Sadly, festive chocolates and warm slippers simply don’t cut it for the average gymgoer. Thankfully, the curse of the gymgoer is such that their unlimited desire for new activewear, supplements, and gym accessories, on the contrary, means that it’s easier than you would initially believe to please with your Christmas gift this year. Read on for 8 Perfect Christmas Gifts for Gym & Fitness Junkies!

1. Protein

Arguably the most popular supplement for gymgoers is protein powder. When it comes to fitness and bodybuilder Christmas gifts, enthusiasts need not sacrifice their appetite for traditional Christmas flavours over the holiday season! Protein powders now come in an array of festive flavours, including Toffee Fudge, Gingerbread, and Cinnamon Bun.

For the less adventurous, traditional chocolate or vanilla protein powder flavours are a dependable gift, and come in vegan, gluten-free, or dairy-free varieties. Boostbox even offers an advent calendar, packing a protein-punch for every day of December!

2. Fresh activewear

Help your friend enter the New Year and New Decade 2020 in style with new activewear. Gifts for gym addicts and the gymgoer’s wardrobe can never be too full with leggings and sports bras, or tracksuits and vests. If you’re uncertain of their style, a gift card for their favourite activewear store or a popular brand such as Gymshark, MyProtein, or Nike will be sure to please. You could even go the extra mile and gift them a new pair of New Balance trainers. Just listen out to hear which trainers they have been raving about recently.

3. Dumbbell-shaped water bottle

No stocking is complete without a bit of humour. This dumbbell-shaped water bottle from Amazon UK doubles up as a practical piece of equipment and a statement accessory!

4. Wrist-straps, lifting belts, and chalk

If your family member is a keen powerlifter or bodybuilder, you can help them break their personal best with lifting accessories such as wrist straps, and lifting belts for weight training, exercises like pull ups, and portable chalk. Lifting belts can even be custom-ordered with a name or design for a more personal touch.

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5. Blender

One thing is for sure, a blender will not be left to rust by a health and fitness fanatic, so this makes for the ideal gym addict gift. The best smoothies and shakes are concocted using a reliable blender, which can be purchased for as little as £15 on Amazon. Try the Breville Blend Active or the favourite Nutribullet.

6. Wireless headphones or earphones

A soundtrack can make or break a good gym session, but wires are the surest way to wind up anyone attempting to swing a kettlebell or hoist themselves upwards on a pull-up bar. Wireless headphones or earphones, such as wireless Beats or Airpods, make for the best fitness gifts – an invaluable asset and sure to make any gymgoer smile on Christmas Day.

7. Resistance bands

For booty-building friends and family members, a resistance band makes for among the most perfect Christmas fitness gifts. Longer bands can also be gifted as a useful accessory to push someone towards their first pull-up.

8. Fitness subscription or programme

Even the most seasoned gymgoer can benefit from the help of a coach or a tailored fitness programme. Your best friend’s fitness hero likely offers one that they’ve been eyeing up. For newbie lifters, there are fitness app subscriptions which will help them kickstart their fitness into the New Year. For women, an ideal gift is the Tone and Sculpt community app.


Getting the best gifts for bodybuilders can be a challenge. But have no fear: we’ve got the best gift ideas! A shaker bottle is always a great choice. Bodybuilders use it for mixing and consuming their pre or post-workout nutrition drinks. Strength training gear is also key to anyone serious about bodybuilding, so why not treat them to some new weights or a power rack?

If you want to go big, there’s always the option of building an entire home gym—it’s sure to be the best present they ever receive! Or maybe consider some new workout gear to make those intense sessions more comfortable and stylish. Whatever you end up getting, bodybuilders are sure to appreciate your thoughtfulness!

So there we have it, 8 great Christmas Gifts for gym lovers UK, USA & Fitness Junkies all round! Found a new or different type of great gift idea for the fitness fanatic? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Keep well, and exercise this Xmas while looking forward to the big 2020 – Keep YOUR Fit ON!

Katie Treharne

A lifelong health and fitness enthusiast, and vegetarian, Katie is committed to weight training with the view that all women would benefit from lifting. Aside from that, she is keen on keeping an active lifestyle and has experimented with yoga, kickboxing, and ice skating, to name a few. She's also interested in balancing health and fitness with travel, as a freelance travel journalist too.

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