The Secret to Quick and Healthy Breakfasts

Most experts agree that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. As the name suggests, you are ‘breaking your fast’, or period when you have not been eating. Many people eat their last meal at around 7pm in the evening and get up about 12 hours later. So skipping breakfast would mean running on an empty fuel tank. Want a quick overview? Then follow on for The Secret to Quick and Healthy Breakfasts!

DON’T do Donuts first thing!

If you start your day by eating a sugary sweet donut, that’s actually worse than eating nothing because it will cause a spike in blood sugar.

The spike may well last about 30 minutes, temporarily boosting one’s energy. Unfortunately, this spike can often leave you hungrier than before and prone to uncontrollable cravings which can cause you to start packing on the pounds.

There are a number of things to consider when planning healthy breakfasts. They should have both protein and fiber in it, as both of these will help fill you up. You should also eat “slow-burning carbs” – those that don’t release their energy in one big spike, but more gradually over the hours.


Eggs are an excellent breakfast food. There are about 7 grams of protein per 70 calories in a boiled or poached egg.  A lot of people enjoy breakfast proteins in the form of bacon and sausages. We generally advise a vegetarian option as it won’t be a drain on your digestive system. Just be careful that the store-bought options don’t have too much hidden sugar in them (such as maple bacon) or too much salt (sodium).


When choosing breads and cereals, opt for whole grains. Avoid white bread and sugary cereals with lots of food colorings. Homemade oatmeal is a great way to start off the day; it is rich in fiber and can be deliciously dressed-up with cinnamon and fruit.

Fresh fruit can be eaten on its own, or added to oatmeal, made into yogurt parfaits, or added to cereal, pancakes or waffles. Berries are a good choice because they are high in disease-fighting antioxidants. You can use apples for the same high nutrition reason.

Some people like to start their breakfasts with citrus produce, such as orange juice and grapefruit. Try to use the whole orange to get all of the fiber. Grill the grapefruit with a bit of brown sugar on top (if you want to neutralize the sourness) for a tasty start to the morning

Slow Carbs

Slow carbs take longer to digest and are high in fiber. They release their energy gradually, so they should easily tide you over until lunchtime. They also make you less prone to cravings because you’ll feel fuller for longer.

Bread choices include whole wheat and any number of the varieties of mixed-grain breads, which usually have a dense texture and a nutty taste. Cut off the crusts (save for a dip later) if the children are picky. Use the bread for French toast or a breakfast bread pudding.

Multigrain wraps are ideal for breakfast burritos. You can make them the night before while you’re cleaning up after dinner. Wrap in waxed paper and refrigerate overnight. Heat and eat the next morning. For breakfast on the go, wrap in foil before heading out the door.

Pancakes and waffles can be made with whole wheat flour, but they will be denser and absorb more liquid, so simply adjust your recipes accordingly.

French toast and pancakes make ideal bread substitutes for a breakfast sandwich such as tofu, seitan, cheese, sausage, and so on. You can also fill with berries, cream and / or peanut butter for a tasty treat on the go.

Cook your French toast and pancakes in batches and freeze in a zip storage bags. Take out, heat and eat as needed. Potatoes in hash brown or home fries can also be a good choice provided you don’t use too much oil when frying them though.

Use these suggestions to keep the ‘hangry’ feelings away, and at bay until mealtime! So, what are your best high-energy breakfasts? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter, & Instagram!

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