The Placebo Diet Weight Loss Program

We’ve been following the ideas in “The Placebo Diet” for weight loss and physical transformation for some time. While it’s unlike many other methods out there, it seems like this one may have finally cracked the puzzle many have struggled with for years. Read the following press-release to find out more!

Change your mind and transform your body with a unique new weight-loss program that gets results!

  • At-home online program available from 1st January 2016 (priced £47 pcm)
  • Paperback book published by Hay House out 2nd February 2016 (priced £12.99)

“Janet Thomson is one of one of the leading lights of the fitness self-help movement and the Placebo Diet is a unique and ground-breaking program that will appeal to a wide audience. This excellent program is the culmination of 20 years of research and exploration and following her instructions and examples will help you to develop the necessary and lasting attitudinal and behavioural changes which are essential to consistent and lasting success for weight-loss.” – Dr. Mark Chambers

Based on the scientifically proven phenomenon, the Placebo effect, and available as both an interactive online package or paperback book in early 2016, The Placebo Diet is the brand new weight-loss program created by one of Britain’s top mind/body weight-loss experts and best-selling author, Janet Thomson.

Drawing on Janet’s wealth of experience from over two decades working at the top of her game as a successful and in-demand life coach and nutritionist, The Placebo Diet fuses together practical mind exercises with a simple-to-follow colour coded nutrition plan, which when combined will change not only how you think and feel about food but also how you think and feel about yourself, and can transform your body.

Habits and emotions drive many of your food choices – and that means it’s all happening inside the brain. Learning to control your brain – and more importantly change it – is a really valuable life skill that will not only help you to lose weight, but help in all areas of your life. Janet will guide you through the process of using your thoughts to change your mind by explaining exactly how the Placebo effect can change your physiology and reprogram your brain to help you lose weight, for good.

With The Placebo Diet you will be naturally driven to make the food choices that bring you more energy, give you more vitality and reduce your waistline. Combined with nutrition advice that is super-simple to follow, you will find that the benefits of The Placebo Diet go way beyond weight-loss.

Through The Placebo Diet at-home online package Janet expertly guides clients through the programme personally offering information and motivation through a range of visual and audio coaching sessions. The online program is a 7-month package and available for 7 monthly payments of £47 or a one-off payment with 10% discount of £297.

Clients receive:

  • 2 informative and instructive video lessons every week for the first 7 weeks, along with a guided re-patterning meditation to reinforce the changes
  • A personal journal to enhance their experience and record progress
  • “The Colour Code Nutrition System” and “How Your Body Works” explaining exactly how and why your body stores excess fat and how to change it, on audio and as a PDF book
  • Weekly tips and reminders and bonus features for additional support sent via personal emails for 6 months

The Placebo Diet book that compliments this program is released in February 2016 through Hay House Publishing.

Janet Thomson is a renowned life coach and nutritionist with over 20 years’ experience helping people achieve their goals. With a Masters Degree in Nutrition & Exercise Science, Janet has the ability to transfer complicated information into practical user-friendly tips that deliver real results.

With training in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Tapping (Thought Field Therapy) and Clinical Hypnotherapy, and over 25 years working in the fitness industry and running her own health clubs, Janet has a totally unique blend of skills and an informative, engaging style.

Stay tuned as tomorrow you can read what one of Keep Fit Kingdom’s in house health, fitness and foodie experts Safia, thought about “The Placebo Diet” and discover if this unique approach is right for you!

Safia Yallaoui

Safia is a lifestyle blogger and coach at the fitness membership company MoveGB. She also has an MA in journalism and has done a variety of freelance work in print, radio and online. After losing 14lbs a few years ago Safia got into health and fitness realising the most important thing about clean eating is nourishing your body. She loves to keep in shape with weight training and going to fitness classes. Whilst training to be a Nutritional Therapist she is learning how to alleviate health problems by including or omitting certain foods and has a keen interest in the affects of sugar on a person's physical and mental health.

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