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Kratom Powder for Fitness & Bodybuilding

With the increasing interest in kratom as a potent health and fitness supplement we thought it time to revisit the subject. There are quite a few strains out there that you can try if you're doing vigorous weight training or bodybuilding. But, what is the best kratom powder dosage for your fitness ...

5 Great Exercises Named After Powerlifters

We’ve recently featured some exercises which are named after strongmen and bodybuilders. Today we have another selection of great exercises for you, this time they're movements named after legends from the exciting sport of powerlifting. Give them a try in your own routines and let's get you ...

Bodybuilding Legends – Lenda Murray

The fourth lady to feature in our "Bodybuilding Legends" series is Lenda Murray. She competed in the 1990's when women’s bodybuilding was still increasing in popularity and physiques were nowhere near as extreme as today. Read on and learn about this incredible woman’s bodybuilding story... ...

Bodybuilding Legends – Reg Park

The third character to feature in Keep Fit Kingdom's Bodybuilding Legends series is British bodybuilder Reg Park. Three times Mr Universe winner and the first bodybuilder on the planet to bench press 500lbs, this unique man was hugely talented and highly influential. Reg Park's massive muscular ...

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