5 Top Fitness Classes!

Have you stopped seeing results in the gym, or find that you’re getting bored of the same old workout routine a PT handed you 2 years ago? Then you should probably think about giving one of these Top 5 fitness classes a go, guaranteed to keep you motivated and burn a ton of calories at the same time! Many fitness classes are included in your gym membership, so why not take advantage of the instructor’s expertise?

1. Spinning

Spinning, basically indoor cycling is performed to music and is well known for its high intensity, leg scorching workouts. The majority of spin classes last 45-60 minutes, which can burn anywhere between 400-600 calories. Several gyms now offer beginner’s or express spins which are only 30 minutes long and still manage to burn 200-400 calories. This makes it perfect to fit into your lunch break and still have time for healthy bite to eat!

2. Bootcamps

Bootcamps can vary massively in style from one instructor to another. However, most modern bootcamp classes use a variety of new gym equipment including TRX, Vipers, Bulgarian bags, battle ropes and kettle bells to achieve a full body, functional workout which is sure to have you crawling out of bed the next day. As bootcamps differ in format, so do the estimated calories burnt, though it’s usually around 600 to 900 per one-hour class.

3. Kickboxing

This class mixes kicks and punches in a series of combinations, usually performed on either bags or pads. If you’re after a high intensity workout to really let out some aggression after a long day’s work this is the class for you! On average this class burns anywhere between 550 to 850 calories per 60 minute session. Unfortunately not all gyms run kickboxing fitness classes, although the majority run a similar alternative for example Boxercise or Box-fit.

4. HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training)

HIIT is still a fairly new trend in the fitness industry, however most gym goers would have tried some type of HIIT training. HIIT consists of a short duration of high intensity exercises, followed by a short period of rest. This style of training is ideal for anyone trying to lose the pounds, whilst living a busy lifestyle. HIIT sessions rarely last longer than 30 minutes due to its explosive nature and can consume between 250-500 calories.

5. Kettlercise

Kettlebells have been used for centuries, seen in Russia as early as the 18th century. Nowadays kettlebells are structured to target the whole body as a dynamic and functional workout to improve strength, endurance, posture and overall fitness. A 60 minute kettlecise class burns from 500-750 calories and rewardingly will leave the whole body feeling properly fatigued the next day!

Thinking about paying a visit to your gym perhaps? Remember that besides pushing you to your absolute limits in the gym, fitness instructors have several other skills from correcting your technique to teaching you alternative and new exercises. Get yourself started on the road to become fit, burn fat and feel great!

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