5 Top Reasons To Quit Refined Sugar!

Sugar. It’s in everything. Most people are addicted without realising it and its addictive effect on the brain has been scientifically proven to be more powerful than cocaine and let’s face it…being addicted to anything isn’t good, especially when you’re not aware that you are. To avoid sugar completely you do have to adopt a more ‘whole food’ approach and make more meals from scratch but this is when you realise the sheer amount of sugar that you’ve actually been consuming all along. Are you happy with this? These days, most people aren’t. Read on for our 5 Top Reasons To Quit Refined Sugar!

1. Your overall health will improve
Refined sugar doesn’t give us anything nutritionally to aid our bodies.

2. Your waistline will likely get gradually smaller 
Sugar is a slow and silent killer…

3. You will save money
Unless you eat a plate of chocolate bars for dinner, sugar is never your main focus in meals. Sugar mostly is a snack that we don’t actually need half of the time, we just want it. So if you cut the sugary snacks, you’ll most likely save the cash that you’d normally spend on it.When you make a conscious effort to stop eating refined sugar, as well as saving money you might even get into cooking.

4. You will learn about healthier alternatives
So much of the food we buy has sugar added to it, you only need to read the label to see where all the sugar is at. There are other types of natural sweeteners that actually provide us with some nutrition at least such as dates, maple syrup and fruit.

5. You will be more focused
As your body learns not to rely on refined sugar as its sole energy source. You will sleep better as a result of having more balanced blood sugar levels and likely avoid the dangers of diabetes (a huge topic in itself).

Sugar doesn’t give us anything nutritionally. Even natural sugars are best consumed in smaller quantities for when it’s necessary to give ourselves a quick boost. A first piece of advice is to try and not eat refined sugar for one week which is much harder than it sounds but if you’re up for the challenge then try it. You will be amazed how much your tastes will change for the better and how much less you will crave sugar as a result! 

Harriet Roberts

Harriet has always been strongly invested in her health and became a vegetarian when she was 17. Well versed in food and nutrition she also has a background in dance and gymnastics and naturally maintains an active lifestyle. Taking a holistic view on health she now practices yoga and veganism. Her current mantra is: to be present in every moment and let life flow wherever it takes her!

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