Rap Music Playlist: 5 Hip Hop Artists You Must Listen to on Your Next Run!

Do you love your music as much as you do your training? Well, I think listening to music gives you more enjoyment, pace and longevity when you hit the road, track or treadmill. Want a playlist to get under your skin and stimulate your emotions on your next training session? Well you’re in the right place, check out our Rap Music Playlist: 5 Hip Hop Artists You Must Listen to on Your Next Run!

1. Kendrick Lamar

If you want high tempo rap, Kendrick is your man. The Compton-born rapper delivers his lyrics with wit and flow that keep you motivated and moving. Songs like “DNA” and “Humble”, are recognisable to many as vibes that energise. Besides, given the rhythmic capability and lyrical superiority of “Humble”, it is listed in the top 10 must-listen trap music. Try out some of his older stuff too. His album “To Pimp a Butterfly” has some equally fast-paced tracks that will keep you at top speed throughout your route. I remember listening to his song ‘i’ on a 12km run along the river in Worcester. This shows how songs can create memorable runs as well as fast ones.

2. Jay Z

As arguably the greatest rapper of all time, Jay Z can be played in any situation and it would be great. Jay’s beats, unmistakable voice and thought-provoking lyrics will allow you to truly disconnect from your world and plug into his. Remember that running is not just about physical fitness. Jay Z allows your mind to relax as you push your body to new limits. “Dead Presidents” is an excellent example of such a deep-thinking rap song. Don’t forget his box office collaborations with the likes of Kanye West, Linkin Park and Alicia Keys when you’re adding Jay to your playlist.

3. Kanye West

He’s already had a mention, which is about right. Kanye West is in the topic of conversation on most days with the letter ‘d’ in. He is meticulous with every song that he creates. While controversial, Kanye’s rap beats are something to behold and will keep you running strong for longer. Case in point “Stronger” is an iconic song to work out to – says so on the tin!

While his recent music has moved away from Hip-Hop and towards Gospel, his mercurial genius continues to create songs that are enjoyable to work out to. “Follow God” is a short burst of energy that will often get repeated on my runs.

4. Travis Scott

We have talked about Kanye West, the master. Now for his apprentice. Travis Scott’s productions belongs in the upper reaches of music. His exciting use of technology has allowed for the creation of many songs that intrigue. Travis’ songs often hype me up in different settings. For instance, “Sicko Mode” is excellent to listen to on a winter’s run as the sun starts to fall and “Don’t Play” is great to listen to in the morning when it’s just you on the streets. Travis Scott will set the scene for your workout, whatever the distance.

5. DaBaby

DaBaby is less established than those that have come before him in this list. A criticism may be that his songs all kind of sound similar. That being said, consistency is key when you are running, so listening to his infectious flow isn’t such a bad thing. He’s involved in some of the hottest songs right now, for example, “Rockstar” and “What’s Popping”. He’ll keep your body moving from your mind to your feet and keep you maintaining that pace.

This is quite a Hip-Hop centric list – my favourite type of music to listen to on a run. Of course, it may be that you find other artists are more comfortable to listen to. Nevertheless, the power of music to motivate and maintain your speed is undeniable. Go out for a run with your new playlist, feel those vibes in your bones and tell us what tracks really get you going below and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter Instagram! Get your frequencies on point with our motivational matter to stimulate you to KEEP your Fit ON!

Adam Williams

Whether Adam is participating in, watching, or talking about sport, it is always a huge source of motivation. He is interested in the incremental changes that we can make as humans to leverage a big difference in our day-to-day lives. He loves running, walking, football, tennis, rugby - the list goes on! He is also driven to inspire people of all abilities and stages to get active. His motto is: We are all dealt a set of cards in life. Let’s play them well!

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