Plant-Based Milk: 5 Delicious Alternatives to Dairy

The popularity and use of dairy alternatives continues to rise leading to an ever-expanding range of plant-based alternatives from oat and soya to almond and coconut. From supermarkets to coffee shops, it’s never been easier to make the plant-based switch but not all dairy alternatives are equal. If you’re unsure which is the right one for you and how to use them, explore Plant-Based Milk: 5 Delicious Alternatives to Dairy!

1. Soya

The original and oldest alternative dairy-free drink. Unsweetened versions are low in sugars and soya drinks are naturally low in fat as well as being a source of protein. The protein in soya is also one of the few plant proteins that is a complete protein with all 9 essential amino acids.

This makes it the ideal option for using in your protein shakes. Just blend with protein butter, banana and nut butter for a delicious drink packed full of plant protein. Soya milks work well in coffee (the protein helps the structure of those delicious soya lattes!) and its neutral taste makes it suitable for cooking too.

2. Almond

One of the most popular choices, almond, depending on the brand, can be as low as 13 calories per 100ml making them lower in calories than even skimmed milk. With a naturally, nutty taste almond drinks add a lovely flavour when poured over your favourite cereal or try in porridge for a toasty, nutty flavour and smooth texture.

Naturally lower in carbs than other options, they make an ideal choice for smoothies. Almond’s nutty flavour can seem for some to come across as dominating so perhaps not always suitable in your morning cup of tea.

3. Coconut

The perfect choice for summer, coconut drinks are creamy, sweet and tropical. Coconut milks tend to be higher in fat thus adding a touch of richness and exotic luxury.

The flavour is quite strong so doesn’t work in all situations, but it excels in being used in creamy desserts or fragrant Thai curries. Popular in coffee shops, try a coconut flat white next time you’re getting your morning fix or use to make a vegan rice pudding, yum-yum!

4. Oat

A  plant-based milk that’s one of the fastest-growing dairy alternatives. Oat milk’s natural sweetness and versatility makes it a handy everyday swap. Oat milk is a source of fibre, a nutrient we are advised to consume 30g of every day.

Its mild taste means it is another good choice for coffee and barista editions are available for frothing up to make foamy cappuccinos. It can be used in cooking too and its oaty sweetness makes it the obvious choice for porridge. You can also try it in baking – the natural sweetness adds a plant-based twist to cookies or flapjacks.

5. Hazelnut

A lesser used dairy alternative, hazelnut has a rich sweet taste. It pairs well with anything chocolatey for a Nutella style flavour! Try using it in hot chocolate or to make chocolate muffins or splash over granola for a delicious, indulgent breakfast.

These are just a few alternatives to conventional milk so do experiment and enjoy adding a plant-based splash to your meals and snacks. Which dairy-free milk substitutes have you tried recently? Let us know in the comments below and follow the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram and don’t forget to Keep Your Fit ON!

Scott King

Scott is a plant-based foodie and runner, having completed numerous marathons as well as the Manchester Marathon in 2019. He is passionate about plant based food which he shares on his Instagram page: @plantbasedfood_scott_runs which features the latest new products hitting the market and his porridge and breakfast bowl recipes. Scott has worked in the food industry, in marketing where he has developed campaigns to encourage shoppers to try more plant based foods and is all about positive eating. It's no to eliminating and deprivation and yes to adding extra plant-based food into your diet!

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