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Trail Running: Why you should try it!

Trail runs are awesome. They're like the video game “Temple Run” in real life! Except, you aren’t being chased by monkeys, and you’re not exploring ancient ruins (most of the time). But the point is that trail running is an awesome adventure. It takes agility, endurance, speed and so much more that ...

Running: 4 Things to Know on the Go!

Running is a rewarding, enjoyable and impressive sport that anyone can do. But the sad thing is that not everyone realises that there is more to running than just running. That is, until there’s an injury or tons of money has been wasted on the most expensive running equipment out there. But look ...

5 Top Benefits of Minimalist Running!

What is minimalist running you might be asking yourself? Well, minimalist running, commonly referred to as forefoot or barefoot running is the term used to describe a method of running whereby the runner's first point of contact with the ground is through the front of their foot. There are a number ...

4 Reasons You Should Train to Run a Mile

Whether you’re a self-proclaimed couch potato or a dedicated treadmill warrior, the thought of running a full mile may cause you to feel some worry. But you shouldn’t shy away from the challenge just because it feels beyond your physical limitations. Instead, consider these reasons you should ...

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