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Ooom is named after the Primordial Word “OM”, which in ancient Hindu traditions is said to express perfect harmony, and carrying the Universal vibration believed to calm and soothe, even exalt. Modern living is busy, and stressful and many people tend to randomly snack at any time. Ooom claims to not only be a tasty and convenient treat, but one that can also benefit our bodies in restoring balance because of the inclusion of adaptogens such as reishi, lycium and seabuckthorn.  Ooom snacks are cool-dried, and this method compresses 120g of dehydrated fruit goodness into just one package of 12g! This is great news if you’re a health conscious traveller who wants to travel light and eat right. Let’s try them out…!


The vibrantly colourful packaging gives an impression of elated wellness as there’s an image of a figure meditating in sparkling sunlight. The chosen colours yellow, pink and purple fit symbolically with willpower, love and wisdom – things which the company wishes to express with their product; to eat mindfully, deliberately choosing foods that love you back.


Peach puree concentrate, strawberries, apple puree concentrate, carrot juice concentrate, seabuckthorn puree, black carrot juice concentrate, lycium juice concentrate, and reishi.


The Ooom pieces in the packet are randomly sized and look akin to the moon’s surface, in pink. They feel dry and tough in your hand, but when you put them in your mouth, they start to melt on your tongue. They do not melt all the way, I quickly learn not to chew them, as they form a sticky paste on my molars. I found they’re best to keep on the tip of your tongue until they dissolve, which takes about 30 seconds.

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Ooom provides you with external Super Nutriments that help you change and harmonize your stress hormones on the inside. As within so without becomes a daily experience – not needing a reason to feel joy, inner peace and serenity, it’s actually our natural state. This experience is what we call thriving even in the face of an external stressful world—OOOM


It tastes very fruity and tart, with the strawberry and apple tastes most noticeable, with peach coming in third. Their fragrance is also nice and quite tangy too. There are no strange or peculiar tastes due to the inclusion of seabuckthorn or reishi, just in case you’re wondering. As a fruit, it’s less messy than carrying a kiwi, banana, a portion of strawberries or a tangerine to peel, around with you. I tried Ooom with some plain yogurt, and, as expected it melts to powerfully flavour the yogurt.

This is a convenience snack: It definitely has beneficial nutrition in a small packet. Perhaps Guava with its high Vitamin C content might be a flavour option for the future depending if Ooom’s processes permit, of course. Ooom is easy to eat and I can imagine this being a good food choice when on road trips, especially in countries that may be pretty strict on what may and may not be taken across their borders, like Australia. It’s best to eat Ooom upon opening, straight out of the pack or storing in an air-tight contrainer.


I think Ooom has a healthy potential to grow its range to include other nutritional ingredients, all in a small package to refresh those snacking spots that others might find hard to reach!

You can find out more about Ooom via their website and order Ooom here, also visit their Facebook and Instagram pages which are full of positive vibes and inspiring ideas! Are you into adaptogenic foods and supplements in times of high stress or anxiety? Which foods, herbs, or other supplements have helped you to remain calm under pressure the most that you’d recommend to family and friends? Let us know in the comments below and follow us on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. And now that you’re feeling all zingy, let’s get busy Keeping YOUR Fit ON!

Marleen Lam

Marleen Lam is a journalist from Holland with a background in pediatric speech therapy and sensory integration. Her passions are reading, teaching, child-development, cats, food, gardening and being outdoors. As she continues to evolve, she is enjoying getting more into mindfulness including meditation, yoga, vegan food and energy healing practices like Reiki and Jin Shin Jyutsu.

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