Lockdown: 5 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated!

Lockdown motivation is a difficult thing to possess at times and it takes dedication and persistence to overcome habits of inertia. It’s even tougher to hang on to with the lockdown in place with nowhere to exercise but at home or perhaps your local park for short bursts. None of this has to really affect your well-being or your workouts though. Read on for Lockdown: 5 Ways to Keep Yourself Motivated!

1. Think Differently to Make it Fun!

For example, exercising at home doesn’t have to be tedious or boring. Spice things up with a variety of exercises. You may be feeling limited because of the lockdown, but there are plenty of at home exercises that can be done without making you wish you never started. Let it be your new addiction!

In fact, it can make you forget you were even exercising in the first place; try an online Zumba or hip hop class, hula hooping or yoga!

2. Set Yourself Goals & be Realistic about Them

For lockdown motivation, there’s nothing more satisfying than setting goals to get you started. Setting clear milestones helps to keep you on track and give you something to move toward. As soon as you just start acting, you’ll find a wave of positive effects join your upward momentum and things just start falling into place.

Make sure your goals are realistic. Many people fail with their goals because they set the bar too high initially. Start off with something small then build yourself up. This is about your health not your ego.

3. Track or Measure Your Progress

A simple way to stay motivated is to keep track of your exercises and observe how far you have progressed. Keeping a calendar of workouts you’ve done gives you a reference of your achievements and may give you that extra push to keep on going.

Weighing yourself, taking measurements, getting body fat tested or doing your own fitness endurance tests can also help keep you on trck. A progress chart is also another way to keep you going.

4. Reward Yourself

Make sure you reward yourself for all the hard work you’ve done. I’m not talking about food indulgences or alcohol, but in terms of healthy and mentally positive ways. Think massages, facials, online shopping trips, etc. Why not buy a new dress or training gear online to celebrate the extra pounds you have lost or treat your aching body to a thorough massage?

5. For Extra Lockdown Motivation, Seek Support

If you’re struggling, then seek support from friends, family or online coaches or mentors to help keep you going. With the lockdown in a bit of a grey area right now, it’s hard to think of clear places to go but certainly check out resources like ReGain for extra relationship support, consider joining an online social networking site or online community with fitness trainers and nutrition experts.

We know it can seem tough-going remaining at home, to muster up lockdown motivation without a gym or your usual go-to outside workout spaces, but you can do it. And if you follow our steps, instead of piling on the pounds during this lingering lockdown, you may find that you’ve dropped a dress size or two or lost some excess pounds around your tummy and achieved your goals.

Think about the above few items above for a moment then prioritize and implement steps for the one that deserves the best of your energy. If you need further help, simply reach out and get in touch with us.

Giselle Tadman

Giselle is transitioning vegan currently studying an MA in Creative Writing at the Open University. She has been interested in health and fitness for several years and her favourite activities include yoga and martial arts. Other interests include writing, poetry and computer science.

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