How to Save Money on Your Gym Membership

Memberships to a gym can be expensive, but you can save money on one by doing some research beforehand and exploring all your membership options including your exercise habits, the type of exercise, shopping for the best deals, and free trials. Read on for How to Save Money on Your Gym Membership!

1. Find a Low Membership Fee 
Fitness Membership provides information about a variety of well-known gyms and fitness centers. When you visit a gym for the first time you can enquire about a guest pass which gives you the opportunity to try out the equipment and see if the atmosphere is right for you. On the website, you can find out about the equipment and machines at each facility, prices, and how to access coupons.

2. Do Your Research 
You can save money on a gym membership by doing some research ahead of time to determine the best option. If you plan on hitting the gym occasionally, a pay-as-you-go plan may be the best choice. However, if you plan to work out two or three times a week, a monthly or yearly membership plan may be more suitable.

3. Think about Types of Exercise
If you want to try out specific types of exercise, a membership to a gym that specialises in specialty classes like cardio, aqua fit, or yoga may be a better option than a larger facility with an array of equipment and classes. A lot of gyms will allow you to take one free class to see if it’s a right fit. You should do some comparison shopping to save money on a gym membership and get the most affordable price. A lot of coupon websites offer special deals for new gym memberships. Check several for special deals.

4. Call Several Gyms
One of the best ways to find the gym that suits you is to call several and enquire about a free trial. Visit each of the gyms during the time you would normally go to find out how crowded they are and if you like what each facility has to offer. Most gyms offer a free pass for one or two weeks, which is better than paying a couple of different gyms to try their facilities then cancelling later.

5. Discounts 
Special discounts are often available to new members who are seniors or members of the military and their families. Some gyms offer discounts to students. School or university students have access to their recreation centers as part of their student expenses which may be taken into consideration at a gym.

6. Find the Best Deals 
One of the ways to get an excellent buy on a gym membership is to shop around for good deals at the end of the month. The staff that sells memberships at a gym has to reach a certain quota by the end of the month. End of the month deals may include private training classes, memberships at a discount, or free passes to a limited number of sessions.

7. Negotiate
Negotiating the price of your membership is another way to get a better deal than what the gym is offering. When you tell the sales rep that you’ve been shopping around for a discounted membership and that you found that another local gym offers the same plan but is cheaper – ask if they’d be willing to offer a membership for the same price. 

8. Prices for Different Hour Frames
Another way to get a great deal is to plan your visits to the gym during off-peak times. Ask if the facility offers a lower price for members that work out early in the morning or later in the evening. Some facilities are open 24 hours a day and may offer discounts for visiting at certain times. 

9. How Often Will You Work Out?
One of the most significant considerations is how often you plan to work out. Some people participate in certain sports like mountain biking or skiing and may only need a seasonal membership to get into shape. Others may have gotten out of shape and need to get back into an exercise routine gradually.

A lot of people only make occasional trips to the gym, so a monthly or yearly membership may not be feasible. For people in these circumstances, paying as you go may be the most cost-effective option. Once you’ve established a regular workout routine and know how often you’ll use the facility, you may choose a monthly or yearly membership. Do your research properly and decide what best suits your needs, expectations and budget. What’s the best gym membership deal you’ve come across? Let us know below, join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram. (Check out these gym-related articles: 5 Great Things About Having a Gym BuddyOne Secret Hack to Keep Your Motivation Sky High, and Anytime Fitnessdesigned to help switch your FIT ON!)

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