One Secret Hack to Keep Your Motivation Sky High!

“New Year, New Me!”, right…? Well, not exactly. Many people will want a ‘newer version of themselves’, but will probably fail to realize this, why? Well, you have to build the new you! You can’t buy six-pack abs at the store for 19.95 (at least not the one you really need)! That new body, job, or lifestyle you’re hoping for won’t just fall into your lap. You must build it. It’s an uncomfortable truth that’s all too commonly overlooked. Building anything worthwhile in life takes time and effort that most people aren’t willing to invest. If you’re one of these people, the simple truth is, with all due respect…you’ll fail…unless you weaponize yourself with this one secret hack that will keep your motivation sky high: know your reason!

Simply put, knowing your reason keeps the metaphorical fire burning in your belly, enabling you to keep your rear in gear. You’re capable of absolutely anything, if you work hard and consistently enough toward it. Notice that keyword: hard. People complain about having to do “hard” things. Going to the gym is hard, sure. Working is hard, of course. Working towards creating anything of value is hard.

But wait! You know what’s even harder? Being rejected for someone who’s in far better shape than you! Know something else that’s hard? Being broke. Something infinitely more painful than that is comparing your life to others’ and feeling inadequate (not that you should compare yourself as a soul, but are you getting what you want out of this life?) nobody wants to have to work hard at any of these above-mentioned things! But the good news is, all of these personal tragedies are totally avoidable if you, know your reason.

It’s true, no one wants to have to suffer to get what they want, but there is a fundamental failure here to recognize that suffering in some form or another is an inevitable part of life. Make the choice now to press-upon and challenge yourself daily on your own terms so that you don’t have to suffer regret later as a result of your own mental inertia and inaction!

Using the energy of blazing, yet humble discontent, by knowing your reason, possibilities you have in mind will keep you headstrong in the face of adversity even when you feel like quitting or breaking down. Your reason will make you work harder than you’ve ever worked, and take you places you’ve never (or perhaps always) dreamed of.

The gift of your reason will give you all the motivation, willpower and rugged persistence you’ll ever need. You can gain everything you want, all you have to do is clearly know your reason and stick to it. So, if you want to make the most out of yourself and make 2018 your year, keep these words in mind, keep fit, and keep at it! What challenges are you facing, what do you want to achieve? Let us know below, on Facebook and follow us on Twitter! (Feeling our vibe? Feel free to read some of our other motivational articles.)

Bryan Richardson

Inspired by his early life adversities and the desire to help others, Bryan who currently serves in the US Forces aspires to become a Light Heavyweight boxing champion and start a gym that specialises in conscious human development. Bryan likes researching useful info and insights that can be applied to his and others' lives. When he's not feeding his insatiable appetite for knowledge, he's found either in the boxing ring, on the dance floor, or busy downing some Ben & Jerry's "Phish Food"!

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