Happiness: 10 Activities That Will Boost Yours!

As we edge towards winter, we say goodbye to that feel-good summer feeling and brace ourselves for the winter blues. We have pretty much all started to return back to a familiar routine, whether that be for work, school or anything else that doesn’t involve lying on a beach. Due to this, we may experience a drop in mood or lack of excitement for the months ahead. I have investigated a number of ways how we can release a few more endorphins this winter, so keep reading for Happiness: 10 Activities That Will Boost Yours!

1. Outdoor Exercise

Getting outside into nature is one of the most powerful, mood-boosting activities one can do. Whether it be walking, running, swimming or cycling, going outside has an instant effect on your mood. Additionally, when combined with exercise this will only boost your happiness further.

2. Indoor Exercise

Maintaining the exercise endorphin kick can be achieved indoors too. This could involve following a HIIT or pilates workout or yoga, all of which are very different types of workout to suit any level of fitness or mood.

3. Art

Getting creative is an excellent way to get involved and distracted from negativity. Drawing, painting, textiles, sculpting or photography offer a much needed escape route from any stress or upset one may be feeling at the time.

4. Cooking & Baking

Much like art, making something in the kitchen offers an effective, happiness-boosting distraction. The choices of what to cook or bake are endless and there is bound to be a perfect dish or dessert waiting for you to get busy with!

5. Meeting Friends

Socialising is an extremely effective way of boosting your mood (as long as you’re sticking to recommended distancing/group guidelines). Your friends bring out the best in you, making you laugh and bringing out happy feelings, surrounding yourself with happiness will only affect you in a positive way.

6. Meditation

If you’re in need of a positivity boost due to feeling weighed down or upset, meditation has proved extremely successful in clearing your mind and asserting focus on the brighter side of life.

7. Music

Listening to music or playing an instrument can lift your mood tremendously. Much like art, cooking and baking, it creates a creative atmosphere which distracts and entertains the mind into a positive groove or vibe.

8. Reading

Reading non-fiction or fiction, whether that be from a book, newspaper, article or a blog, gives your mind a chance to focus on something else entirely. When reading a piece which engages your interest, you’re further diving into a fresh mental ecosystem and becoming happier as a result.

9. Journaling

A relatively new form of self-focus is writing daily about how you’re feeling and reflecting on yourself. This has proved effective because once you begin being honest with yourself, that’s when you can begin to understand how you can improve your mood and then boost your happiness.

10. Cleaning

Cleaning your external surroundings will help improve your internal environment. “Tidy house, tidy mind”, is often said to encourage maintaining a clear atmosphere that will help support a healthy, positive mind. Clearing out your surroundings and also giving away old, unused belongings will, surprise surprise, make you feel lighter, happier and more prepared to continue with your new, fresh creative day!

I hope these suggestions will encourage or inspire you to prioritise your mental health and overall happiness. There’s something for everybody on this list, don’t be afraid to give something new a go! What from the above works best for you? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter Instagram. Here are more Top-listicles on health, fitness and food subjects, which we hope will motivate you to Keep YOUR Fit ON!

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