Doing a Lot on a Do-Nothing Day!

Ah, that good old British weather: the ultimate end to your productive streak. You can’t go for a run in the local park now and this is the fourth time this week that Mother Nature has forced you to take a rain check on your plans. It all feels pretty hopeless because you don’t have equipment at home. But is that truly the case? I’m going to talk through different ways to be productive on the days where you’re rearing to go but the sky says no. Read on for Doing a Lot on a Do-Nothing Day!

Equipment-free workouts are always a good shout

I can’t think of a single sport that wouldn’t benefit from some form of training outside of itself. Plus, it removes the guilt you feel from missing a day without going in too hard. Find one that meets your fitness needs and use it as a go-to session for days when you can’t commit to your regular routine or aren’t able to go out. However, don’t fall into the trap of getting too comfortable and making it your everyday thing!

Fitness extends to far more than just your body

To be able to improve your physical state, your mental health also matters. If you’re feeling overwhelmed trying to balance work with fitness, it might be good to make plans with loved ones, do some arts and crafts, listen to music or even just sleep.

If your mind is in the right place, your body will be also, regardless of if you can go somewhere or not. It’s good for you to have some downtime – if you’re not getting enough of it, you will crash, which is just your body’s way of saying you need a break.

Switch your schedule around for just that day

Perhaps the work you were going to do on Thursday could be done on the rainy day, leaving Thursday free to train. All that’s needed to be done gets done and you don’t need to compromise. But if you end up not training later that week, don’t beat yourself up, simply remind yourself how great your next exercise session will make you feel. Then, you’ll look forward to it.

The main point is that we can’t control the weather, or the construction works going on that are blocking our running route, or getting sick. But one thing we can control is how we respond to such things, and I feel that so long as you aren’t giving yourself a hard time about it, you’re doing it right. Remember this quote from the great Jim Rohn (mentor to Tony Robbins) and go for “measurable progress in reasonable time.” What exercises do you like to do when it’s raining and where do you usually do them? Once you get familiar with feelgood hormones after training, it’s very difficult to remain inactive for any significant length of time! Let us know your thoughts in the comments below, join in the conversation on Facebook and follow us on Twitter & Instagram. Check out these other fitness articles on running, German Volume Training, volleyball and how to stick to your goals!

Cheyenne Darko

Cheyenne is currently a student at Warwick University and trains for triathlons and cross-country running in her spare time. Her favourite hobby Is probably Zumba because it's such a friendly and relaxed atmosphere and overall she just loves to dance. She's in the process of experimenting with her fitness regime and diet to find out what works best for her. She's also aiming to go vegan by the end of 2020!

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