DMoose: Adjustable Wrist Wraps

A short while ago, health and fitness training equipment and accessories company, DMoose sent us a pair of their wrist wraps to try and we were eager to put them to the test. Follow on for our review of DMoose: Adjustable Wrist Wraps to find out how they fared! 

Design & Materials

The DMoose wraps are made of heavy duty material with double stitching to enhance durability and are designed to be used by both male and female athletes and gym-goers alike.

Each wrap has professional-grade thumb loops and strong Velcro fastenings. The distinct red, white and black DMoose logo is featured prominently on the product. Additionally, the wraps have left / right labels on them which should be useful for some people.

The DMoose wrist wraps come in a wide range of colors; Military Green, American flag, Red Stripes, and Aloha Black are just some of the available examples.

In these days of increased environmental awareness, it’s also good to see that the wraps are made free from toxic materials. The wraps are available in 12 inch and 18 inch lengths to suit different wrist sizes. Both wrap sizes have a width of 3 inches. The weight of the product varies depending on the length you choose.


With over three decades’ of strength-training behind me, my body now has a few aches and pains that I could do without. I’m always looking for ways to protect my joints and muscles.

Using the Wrist Wraps

Thankfully, the chance to try these wraps came at just the right time, as my wrists have been achy from the large amount of lower arm training I’ve been doing lately. I put the black DMoose 18 inch wrist wraps in my gym bag to test them out at the gym I regularly go to.

One of the most useful things about wrist wraps is their ability to support the wrists and stop them from hyperextending during pressing movements. With this in mind, I opted to try the DMoose wraps on barbell and dumbbell overhead presses first in my workout.

Comfortable Wraps Alleviated Pressure on Wrists and Forearms

The wraps were flexible, easy to put on and very comfortable on the wrists, and they prevented any unwanted movement in my wrists throughout the duration of each set. Wrapped nice and tight for some moderately heavy bench presses and close-grip benching, the wraps alleviated a good deal of pressure on my wrists and forearms.

Excellent for those who like to Bench Press & Stability with Deadlifts & Rows

The velcro used on the wraps is strong and keeps them fastened together firmly, which is good news for anyone who likes to bench press frequently. On pulling exercises like deadlifts and cable rows, I felt the benefit of improved wrist stability and even a little bit of extra grip strength.

The wraps undoubtedly proved to be effective in the gym. In my next training session, I tried them in my home environment, where I do most of my bodyweight exercises and conditioning training.

Less Wrist Stress when Performing Ring Dips

I first used the DMoose wrist wraps for push ups with a weighted vest and I was impressed at the support they gave – the amount of exertion on the wrists was certainly reduced. Ring dips are an exercise that I like to do to build tricep size, but I occasionally feel minor stress in my wrists when performing them.

I tried using the wrist wraps to do a handful of sets, and they gave me a good sense of confidence to get through some of the tougher reps in these sets. No wrist pain either – a pleasing result. Another one of my favorite exercises for home training -the kettlebell ‘bottoms up’ press- felt awesome with the DMoose wraps.

The wrist support made the kettlebell easier to balance and this helped me to grind out a few extra reps to build more shoulder and grip strength. Ah the satisfaction!


These wraps cost between £13 and £38 if they are purchased from Amazon UK. The price depends on the length and style that you prefer.

Likewise, the product can be purchased directly from the DMoose website (shipped from the USA). Both websites have promotions for the product. If joint health is important to you, the price is fair and affordable and well-worth paying to protect your wrist joints for the long-term.


DMoose have produced some great quality wrist wraps here that are useful for everyone; from the weekend warrior to the more serious lifter. Having a pair of these in your gym bag should help you get a few extra reps out of your workout, and even give you the confidence to achieve a few more personal bests. Highly recommended.

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Alan Riseborough

Alan is a strength and physique enthusiast and has 28 years' of training experience behind him. He has competed in powerlifting, arm wrestling, bodybuilding and grip strength competitions. He also includes rigorous bodyweight, sprinting and kettlebell training regularly in his routines. He believes in the transformative power of the squat which is (believe it or not) his favourite exercise!

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