Chlorophyll Water: Top 5 Benefits of Drinking it that You Must Know!

Chlorophyll water seems to be having its moment in the world of the wellness industry. This green health drink has been deemed the ultimate detoxifier to nourish the body. Chlorophyll is a green compound found in either plants or supplements, with numerous vitamins and essential nutrients, said to boost gut health, improve complexion and facilitate weight loss among other notable benefits.

Chlorophyll water is essentially water infused with chlorophyll drops which can be purchased from many health stores or online. Curious? Then follow on for Chlorophyll Water: Top 5 Benefits of Drinking it that You Must Know!

1. Chlorophyll is Anti-inflammatory

Consuming chlorophyll water is said to rejuvenate your cells, reducing inflammation in the body by increasing the production of white blood cells that can help accelerate healing, treat acne and skin inflammation conditions.

2. Anti-aging Components

Chlorophyll acts as a powerful antioxidant in the body, working against free radical damage that is often present on the skin.

This helps to remove wrinkles and prevent further onset of wrinkles, intensified by chlorophyll’s propensity to improve collagen production in the body. Overall, this helps get rid of toxins which contribute to skin damage.

3. Blood-building Properties

Chlorophyll is very chemically similar to haemoglobin, an essential protein in red blood cells that carry oxygen around the body.

Liquid chlorophyll is considered a ‘blood builder’, with its ability to increase the number of red blood cells in the body whilst also improving their efficiency. This helps improve anaemia-related symptoms such as low energy and dizziness.

4. Chlorophyll Acts as a Natural Deodorant

By drinking chlorophyll water, you might be able to avoid the chemicals in conventional antiperspirants and opt for a more natural approach as chlorophyll’s potential to act as a deodorant has been researched for many years.

Chlorophyll binds to harmful chemicals in the digestive system, flushing them out of the body, which works to get rid of body odours from the inside, and additionally helps your body maintain healthy gut bacteria.

5. Promotes Clear Skin

Chlorophyll’s anti-inflammatory properties will reduce and prevent acne, as well as reducing any swelling and redness. Its antibacterial properties can help prevent acne altogether by reducing the amount of bacteria on the skin surface that provoke acne growth.

As you can see, chlorophyll water can do great things for your body. Chlorophyll can also be taken in a tablet form or as a powder that you can easily mix into a smoothie or yogurt. Will you give chlorophyll water a try or are you already an avid drinker? If so, what’s it doing for you? Let us know in the comments below, and join in the conversation on FacebookTwitter & Instagram!

Shayo Audrey

Shayo is currently a 2nd year Psychology student at Warwick University, who is hoping to pursue a Masters in Nutrition. She is very passionate about health, the food we eat, and the link between physical and mental health. Her aim is to work in the nutritional field, combining nutrition with Psychology, focusing on how diet can impact mood, and behaviour, as well as the human body.

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