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5 Psychological Benefits of Martial Arts Training

When you hear the term martial arts you’ll most likely think of the UFC or MMA. You’ll recognise it as a form of fighting for sure, however, almost nobody talks about the ‘art’ or philosophical systems of martial arts. Everybody knows the obvious physical benefits of training in martial arts. You ...

5 Ideal Foods for Martial Arts Success

This article serves to provide a general overview of the nutrition involved in martial arts highlighting the essential nutrients that contribute to a vigorous athlete's healthy diet. The aim is to understand how your body utilises food in order to perform to its maximum capacity and ultimately give ...

Sandbag Training: Carries

Carries are our next sandbag training article in the series - a "bang for your buck" exercise which is incredibly simple and effective. The sandbag carry works a whole range of muscles in your body and takes very little time to learn. This exercise is common in strongman competitions and it's a ...

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