How to Lose Weight with the Japanese Art of Kenjutsu

Kenjutsu, a traditional form of Japanese martial art, could be the missing piece on your weight loss journey. This article will guide you through how to lose weight with Kenjutsu while reaping the numerous additional benefits it offers. Ready to lose weight with an oriental martial art? Then continue on for How to Lose Weight with the Japanese Art of Kenjutsu!

Kenjutsu: A Historical Martial Art

Kenjutsu, known as the art of the sword, is an ancient martial art that originated in feudal Japan. It’s primarily taught using bamboo swords called Shinai or wooden swords known as Bokken. Although it was initially designed for warriors, today, it’s increasingly popular for physical fitness and self-discipline.

Kenjutsu and Weight Loss

Full-Body Workout

Training in Kenjutsu involves rigorous physical activity. The movements engage your entire body, providing an excellent full-body workout. A typical session involves upper body drills, lower body strength and flexibility exercises, and cardio workouts, contributing to effective weight loss.

Calorie Burning

A standard Kenjutsu workout can burn a significant number of calories. The constant movement, swift agility, and intense focus involved in each swordplay technique can help you burn more calories than traditional cardio exercises.

Enhanced Metabolic Rate

Consistent Kenjutsu training can lead to an increase in your metabolic rate. The intense physical activity demands your body to expend more energy, even at rest, promoting faster weight loss.

Other Health Benefits of Kenjutsu

Kenjutsu is of course far more than just a way to weight loss. It’s a path to holistic health. This martial art enhances mental acuity, instils discipline, improves coordination and balance, boosts cardiovascular health, and develops self-confidence.

Choosing the Right Katana for Training

Choosing the right training weapon is crucial in Kenjutsu. A variety of training katanas are available, each designed to suit different levels of skill and intensity.

Bokken – The Wooden Sword

The Bokken, or wooden katana, is perfect for beginners. It is safe, light, and durable, making it an excellent choice for mastering basic sword handling and movement techniques. Moreover, this wooden katana doesn’t need any maintenance to last. So you can enjoy it for years to come.

Shinai – The Bamboo Sword

For more advanced practitioners, the Shinai or bamboo sword offers a more realistic experience. The flexibility of the Shinai provides a unique challenge that helps develop skill and control.

Get Your Training Katana Today

Whether you’re new to Kenjutsu or a seasoned practitioner, you can find a wide selection of training katanas at specialist stores. Their extensive range would include both wooden and bamboo swords that cater to beginners and advanced practitioners alike. Start your journey and embrace the path to mental poise and fitness today!


Weight loss with Kenjutsu is a serene, engaging, and effective approach to fitness. It gives you a full-body workout, and raises your metabolic rate, along with a lot of positive mental health benefits.

Focus on constant practice and selecting the appropriate training instruments. If you don’t know much about this Japanese martial art, then you should definitely check it out! Start your weight loss journey with Kenjutsu today and reap the benefits of this historical martial art.

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