8 Hour fat loss

What if I told you you could get ripped and keep all your muscle tone by using an 8 hour day eating window technique?

That’s right, 8 hours!! But that means 8 hours a day. What do I have to do for 8 hours a day??
EAT, with no restriction……but what is the drawback? The sacrifice of fasting for 16 hours a day?
Would you consider this a sacrifice if you had an 8 hour window to eat and the end result over a
period of time was the best look you have ever achieved without removing all the foods you enjoy?

For me it seems a no brainer and for a protocol that names itself ‘Intermittent Fasting’ or ‘IF’
abbreviated this seems like a perfect solution for those who can not stick to a conventional clean
diet to achieve the physique they desire.

Intermittent fasting is known to increase your bodies lean mass whilst reducing body fat levels
simultaneously, a holy grail for fitness fanatics and a holy grail which should really apply for all
those who are attempting to get fit.

For me I structure all my meals post workout after a 9 o’clock morning session. So my typical
eating day would being at 10 o’clock and finish at 6 o’clock with me having 5 meals in that window every 2 hours. This is only due to my work pattern and this can be changed depending on your individual lifestyles.

The purpose of the 16 hour fast is to allow Growth Hormone levels to elevate to their maximum
level therefore increasing fat burning capacity and recovery (Note during a fed state the body
struggles to burn fat for energy). Insulin sensitivity also improves with this protocol as you are not
putting constant sugar into your body day and night so insulin levels should be lower when fasting
allowing for increased fat loss.

This would also make post workout meals much more beneficial as the muscle is ready to absorb
as much glycogen and protein as possible due to the fast and insulin will be sensitive to the
absorption of carbohydrates and therefore store a lot more in the muscle cell.

Although this protocol is not for everyone, it is worth noting what the benefits are of IF and you will see it is worth trying for yourself:

• Increased muscle mass whilst simultaneously burning body fat
• Increased life expectancy
• IF reduces the risk of cancers developing
• IF is not a diet but a protocol in which you should structure the foods you eat in a specific

In my opinion and this is from personal experience, the ease of Intermittent fasting is the best
reason to give it a try. It provides there wide range of health benefits without requiring either a
calorie drop nor a massive lifestyle change like eating every 2 hours for a full day.

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