10 Top Tips to keep you motivated over winter

Winter blues getting you down?  Don’t worry because here are 10 Top Tips to help keep you going strong!

  1. Invest in base layers. It’s cold, we know that so wrap up a little but not too much. One extra layer should do it to keep you warm but not too hot whilst facing the outdoors. Scarves are also good for keeping the elements away from your face.
  2. Think of your goals and priorities you have for the summer, and how much further along you’ll be with them if you keep going now. Fitness isn’t seasonal!
  3. Health is a 365 day a year principle and value. Your body doesn’t shut down over winter, and in fact keeping up immune boosting activities such as fitness and looking after yourself is even more important during the dreary months. What’s more important -sitting around or looking after yourself all year around?
  4. Do you like what you see under your winter layers in the warmth of your own home? You’ll be showing that off in the summer whether you want to or not and, with the heatwaves we’ve been having, a time will come to show your body off if you like it or not: surely it’s better to like what you see?
  5. Utilise indoor facilities. Swimming for example is a great indoor sport that is great for cross training. It’s not expensive and doesn’t require a gym membership if you don’t have one. If you do, use it! Racquet sports take place indoors, and so can a game of basketball or football. Check out your local facilities so you can keep active despite the weather.
  6. Warm up. You’re only cold when you’re not moving, so keep moving and your body will warm you up for you. Think of it as a payback for doing kind things to yourself, from your body to you, with love!
  7. Don’t feel graceful running in the rain? Never mind, imagine you’re Spiderman rescuing your Mary Jane. You are a superhero for coming out in this. Think of the rain as a night refreshment and theatrical addition to your performance and awesomeness!
  8. Use music. Studies show that perceived endurance is lowered by 12% and performance is increased by 15% using music. So power through with an awesome playlist. Treat yourself to some banging tunes to get you going and that’ll make moving irresistible.
  9. Do you want your Christmas weight and winter layers to become a permanent liability to your body? Didn’t think so. Work on yourself now and you’ll be more dashing in the warmer months. Don’t forget Christmas weight is no longer Christmas weight after 6 months – it’s just weight.
  10. Get out in the daylight if you can. Cycle to work, walk or run in your lunch break. Utilise the winter sun to get as much motivational natural light as you can.

So there you have it, 10 Top Tips for blasting through any training inertia this winter, so now you have no excuses, as the saying goes: JUST DO IT!

Monica Smith

Monica is a freelance journalist with a background in fashion, arts and lifestyle journalism. She is going to study Nutrition and Health at Roehampton University, and is gearing towards health journalism. Currently, she is an avid runner, climber, training for many races and OCR races including Tough Mudder which she is running for MIND. Additionally, her interests go into health and obesity management for children and adolescents.

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