Emotional Support in the Lockdown: Useful Relationship Advice Websites

Why does it seem hard nowadays to establish a long, happy relationship? Why do we have the uneasy feeling that relationships were easier and simpler before? It’s a fact that countries all around Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States and many more let’s say, ‘materialistic-based’ nations have experienced a major rise in relationship disharmony and stress.

If you also feel you need advice from specialists with a better perspective to help you besides your relatives and friends, you’re not alone. Overall, when it comes to relationships and feeling good about ourselves, it is important to seek advice, since every situation is unique and sometimes, it involves more than one person (children, etc). However, if you’re looking for some advice about the situation you’re currently in, the following are definitely worthy of your attention and study. Read on for Emotional Support in the Lockdown: Useful Relationship Advice Websites.

1. iPrevail

iPrevail offers easy access to free ‘listeners’, who will guide you after answering some general questions about your gender, age and assessing your mental state of health.

2. Relate

This website offers one-to-one counseling free of charge for the first 25 minutes. Bear in mind that this online service is available only on specific times and days. If you think you might need some family counselling or support, ReGain.us also presents a wide variety of therapeutic solutions.

3. RelationUp

This forum is full of expert advice on a wide variety of topics concerning relationships and well-being. You can read through the forum and look for similar situations as yours or ask specific questions about your relationship and discuss it with other users.

4. 7 Cups

This one offers a similar service as iPrevail, offering you free listeners who guide you and offer online support, after assessing your state of mental health.

5. Ask April

April Masini is an advice columnist that specialises in relationships and etiquette providing advice on a wide variety of topics. From dating to marriage, intimacy and even breakup and divorce, you can find a wealth of very useful information on her site.

6. Relationship Advice Chat

Contrary to the name itself, this website is not a chat but more of a space full of useful relationship advice, for both men and women.

7. LGBT Chat

Lastly, this is a forum specialised in LGBTI topics, where users can ask questions and discuss any topics regarding relationships.

Overall, free online advice sites and forums can be useful if you need some support with your relationships. They can help you identify aspects that you can start to do something about.

When accessing these websites, you’ll get general advice that’ll help you understand more about yourself and what you’re going through. On the other hand, you must do your research carefully as these sites cannot promise to provide a complete substitute for a real live expert or therapist.

Juha Pentinpuro

Juha is a gym enthusiast with Finnish roots and a strong interest in fitness and health related subjects. He's also keen on motorsports, tennis, cycling and beach volleyball in the summer months. He's particularly interested in bodybuilding and the nutrition that makes that possible. He believes that a healthy lifestyle is key to happiness.

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