COVID-19 Masks N95/FFP2: £5 Each. LOWEST PRICE IN UK!

DUE TO EXTRA DEMAND! We are now able to offer CE Approved, COVID-19 Masks N95/FFP2 at just £5 each, lowest prices in the UK.

If you or any public-facing organisation, hospitals, care homes, or other businesses require a reliable, regular and sustainable supply of medical grade N95 (FFP2) respirator masks, we have your solution.  

Experts suggest that masks should be worn by the healthy as a precautionary, preventive measure, not just for those displaying symptoms or those on the front line dealing with sick patients. Combined with regular hand washing, it does help increase the level of protection. 

We’re pleased to be able to serve various organisations in the UK and Europe by supplying N95 masks and other types of PPE. Read on and watch the videos below for more information and please forward this on to those in need as soon as possible to avoid more coronavirus casualties so together, we may help prevent the spread of COVID-19 in our country.

You may have read in the press about the recent recall of faulty PPE and medical masks. The good news is that China has tightened its quality check on vital medical exports. Only manufacturers on the list of registered producers approved by the Chinese National Medical Product Administration and Ministry of Commerce, which guarantee conformity to national standards, may export their products. Rest assured, our masks and other PPE meet this standard. In addition, we’re also Medical Device CE confirmed by the NQA, a global certification body accredited by UKAS and recognized by the UK’s Armed Force Covenant. Please see this important document from the Health and Safety Executive which evaluates the protection afforded by surgical masks

A short video about the product sterilisation process

When the SARS outbreak of 2003 was analysed, researchers found that washing hands 10 times per day was 55% effective in stopping virus transmission whereas wearing a mask was 68% more effective. When high-grade N95 (respirator) masks are not available, masks do protect people a bit more than not wearing a mask at all

We Provide Safe, Comfortable & Effective Masks

If you want to have an extra layer of safety and protection for yourself and your family we are able to offer certified, safe, comfortable and effective masks economically, for use during the COVID-19 epidemic.

Common Sense Matters if You’re Going to Spend Time Outdoors

Take matters into your own hands and give yourself and your organisation that extra added protection, don’t forget the elderly and vulnerable ones that you know in care and residential homes.

It’s about time that we take a clear action step to help safeguard ourselves and others from more unnecessary casualties, as well as the suffering and grief that comes with it. Wear a mask for extra peace of mind, it’s only a short-term inconvenience and a few pence to help stop the spread of COVID-19 and help preserve precious lives, and yes, that includes you who are reading this right now.

Mask & Order Information:

Coronavirus N95 Mask CE Approved -Keep Fit Kingdom

Coronavirus N95 (FFP2) Mask / CE Approved -Keep Fit Kingdom

  • For Coronavirus (COVID-19) Use – High Quality Protective Masks
  • Guaranteed Medical Grade & Sterile Supply
  • Individually Packed & Sealed
  • CE Safety Marked / Approved
  • Singles Purchases Available for Collection in London
  • Delivery Time: 2-3 Working Days

For questions or for larger wholesale orders (from 5,000 up to 5 million) simply email:, alternatively you can message us via FacebookTwitter or Instagram and we shall respond to you within 24 hours. 

In the meantime, please be safe and be sensible for your own health’s sake and the lives of others. Wash your hands frequently, keep at least two metres (six feet) distance from others, and don’t linger outdoors longer than needed.
















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