5 Top Reasons To Embrace Your Body Image!

In this day and age the diet and fitness industry as well as social media, have a lot to answer for in terms of making women in particular (but also a growing number of men) feel negative about our bodies. Many claim a one size fits all approach and if you would just work hard enough in the gym and eat clean enough in the kitchen then you too can and should, look ‘shredded’ like a fitness model. What they don’t tell you is that most of those bodies are photoshoot ready, prepped, dieted, dehydrated and tanned and on top of that, some of them are even airbrushed! The media plays on our insecurities to make us buy into the next big diet plan. Let’s cut through all the fluff balls and media static shall we? Read on for 5 Top Reasons To Embrace Your Body Image!

1. You are sick of the diet yoyo
You’ve been on the diet yoyo for a long time and each time you stop dieting your body bounces back with a vengeance. Hating your body hasn’t got you anywhere, perhaps even made you feel worse off for all the emotional energy and time spent in guilt and self loathing for not having made any real progress. Time for a different approach!

2. You are a parent
Many adults who have eating disorders and poor body image grew up in families where their parents were dieters or used negative words, self-talk and inner dialogue to describe their bodies.

3. You want to be confident in your body
Imagine someone you admire who is totally confident in their body, they don’t have to look like a fitness model, in fact many fitness models are always striving for something which is often unrealistic and an illusion, so are never happy in the moment. “Body confidence doesn’t come from achieving the perfect body, it comes from embracing the one you’ve already got”. Observe that person you admire, well she fully makes the most of and owns the space that she is in and everyone finds that attractive. 

4. Your legacy
What will your tombstone say about you: “She was so dedicated, she spent hours in the gym working on her awesome 6 pack” OR how you showed up and made a difference in the world?

5. Be yourself
There is only one you, you will not be a better person when you have the ‘perfect’ body, you will not be more loved or more respected. When you embrace who you are your confidence will show. We believe each person’s body is uniquely different and diverse and as diverse as we may look externally, we need to exercise and eat according to our individual make up (no pun intended!) and constitution and experiment a little to find out what works best. What works for your friend may not work well for you and vice versa.

The UK premiere for “Embrace” will be on Monday 16th of January in London and Ireland on Sunday 22nd January in Dublin. Our own Nicola Feustel is hosting a screening of “Embrace”  at 6.30pm on Wednesday 18th Jan, 2017 at the Odeon, Uxbridge. Feel free to comment below or on our Facebook page if you’re interested to see it and for more info!

Nicola Feustel

Nicola is an Personal Trainer and Group Exercise Teacher. She believes happiness comes when we live life in balance and find fitness pursuits that we enjoy -work hard, play hard! She practices intuitive eating and positive mindset with her clients and believes the world would be a better place if we focus on Body Positivity rather than body hate. She is also a fitness and health blogger, radio and podcast host.

  1. Brilliant – happy to encourage my clients/contacts to go and see this movie and embrace their bodies.

  2. Sounds wonderful Belinda! Do leave your comments on what you, clients and contacts think about “Embrace” after you see it. …Stay tuned we’ve got more on positive body image coming up!

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